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Andronix Commands | CLI πŸ”₯

Andronix Commands CLI makes it easy for you to access Andronix Commands on your machines, be it Linux, Windows, Mac, Termux or even a remote machine you're SSHing into. It's easy to install and realtime.


Since this CLI is made with NodeJS, you will need NodeJS and NPM installed on your machine.


If you're on Termux, just copy and paste the command given below. This will install everything you need including Andronix Command CLI itself.

pkg install -y curl && curl > && chmod +x && bash

Windows or Mac

1. Install NodeJS

  1. Windows - You can follow this tutorial written by NodeSource
  2. Linux or Mac - You can use either Node Version Manager (NVM) or use your default package manager (Remember that this app needs NodeJS version greater than 6)

2. Install Andronix Command CLI

After you've installed NodeJS and verified that both Node and NPM are properly working, just run the command below.

npm i -g andronix-command-cli

3. Verification

After the package has been installed (if there was no error during the installation), you can verify the installation by running

acommands hello

This should print out the following line- Hello! Andronix Commands seems to be working okay.

Note - If you get some error or something other than this, just uninstall and reinstall the package with

npm remove -g andronix-command-cli && npm i -g andronix-command-cli

Get Started

Now that you've installed everything, our next step this to login into Andronix.


In order to access anything, you need to login into your Andronix Premium account. To login just enter the following command in your terminal

acommands login 

This will open up, login there with your Premium account and click the copy button to copy a token. Paste that token back in the CLI app and press enter. You should see login confirmation with your email. If not please follow

npm remove -g andronix-command-cli && npm i -g andronix-command-cli

Usage -

After getting logged in the app, you're good to go. To get a quick reference about all the commands you can use with the CLI type,


List Commands -

You can list all the commands that you've uploaded to Andronix Commands or filter based on a colour. Use

acommands list

or filter based on a colour with,

acommands list -c blue

The CLI is supposed to show the exact hex colours as you see in the Andronix app or web app but if your terminal doesn't support colours or supports very limited colours, the accuracy of the colours will take a hit.

You can use one out of these colours [blue, black, red, green, orange, violet]

To view all the available options, run,

acommands list --help

Add Commands

Adding commands is quite simple, just run

acommands add

and the app will ask you the command, a description and a colour to choose. Just complete the quick form and the command should be uploaded with a confirmation containing the ID of the command.

Remove a command

You can remove a command by running,

acommands remove

and then entering the ID of the command. You will see the ID of every command when you list then like this,

The command should be deleted with a confirming message following it.

Logout -

You can logout of your current account by running,

acommaands logout

User Info -

Get the email of your current logged in user by running,

acommands info

Help -

You can get all this info by just running,



acommands help

If you want to get a more in depth info on a single command, use

acommands help <command>

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