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1 year ago
What's Changed

The previous version was not published on npm

Full Changelog: https://github.com/zxing-js/library/compare/v0.19.0...v0.19.1


2 years ago

Previously in patch 5:

Fix: removed browser key from the package.json as it's not very useful and was causing some issues in some environments.

Some problem happened with this release and that fix never got published, so here's the fix's fix.


2 years ago

Fix: removed browser key from the package.json as it's not very useful and was causing some issues in some environments. Fix: fixed some tests build issues, they should run ok now. Enhancement: updated some dependencies to improve security.

This release was sponsored by


2 years ago

Fix: removed implicit RSS Expanded Reader from Multi Format OneD Reader, now it will only be enabled if explicitly asked.


2 years ago

Feature: RSS Expanded experimental introduction. Feature: RSS 14 update. Feature: UPCA and UPCE experimental introduction. CI/CD: some integrations fixes. QA: QA tools and some instructions added.


2 years ago


2 years ago
  • Fix package.json's "browser" keys.


2 years ago
  • Fix UMD build wich was not including external (nor resolving) dependencies in the output file.


2 years ago
  • Started E2E tests development.
  • Dropped Webpack prior to Rollup.
  • Updated CI.
  • Added more exports to the public API.


2 years ago
  • Updated funding options.
  • Improve browser compatibility and fix broken links (by @sillyfrog).
  • Publish via actions.
  • Fixed recursivity problems with continuous scan and closure leak (thanks @jdoe0000000).
  • Fixed some docs (by @skyrex-mark, @iqre8).
  • Updated Detector from Java version for performance improvement (thanks @cyberbeat).
  • Updated some insecure dependecies.
  • Fixed and improved some wrong tests (thanks me).
  • Migrated from @sinonjs text-encoding to @zxing-js text-encoding (thanks me for creating that and @username1565 for the tips on encoding).


3 years ago
  • Aztec 2D reader.
    • Partial Encoder implementation included, pending 2 tests to pass for release.
    • Special thanks to @bsoja, @antjkennedy and @mneuber.
  • Text encoding removed.
  • Docs and readmes updates.
  • [experimental] New GitHub Action for auto-publishing the package on new Releases publish.
    • Publishes to NPM and GitHub as well.


3 years ago
  • Fixed undefined BigInt and undefined ZXing errors on browsers that not Support BigInt (there will still be an error if the user tries to access some specific function in the library that depends on BigInt [no miracles here 🤷‍♂️]).
  • Removed some remaining text-encoding residuals.


3 years ago
  • Feature StringEncoding class now supports custom encoder and decoder functions.
  • Feature/fix for Node environments, StringEncoding now fallsback directly when ISO-8859-1 is selected for decoding.


3 years ago
  • Fix minor docs issues.
  • Feature: new Datamatrix docs demo.
  • Fix (tested on Angular 9 project) custom typings build errors this lib was generated when instaled in some TypeScript projects.


3 years ago
  • Featuring PDF 417 decoding support! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 (special thanks to @Neasit)
  • Lots of improvements and new features in the source to support PDF 417 and new features as well.


3 years ago
  • Updated dependencies.
  • Fixed some circular dependencies.


3 years ago
  • Adds the toJSON method required in the MediaDeviceInfo interface.
  • Adds public visibility to some private and protected methods.


3 years ago
  • New async decode API.
  • New continuous decode API.
  • Updated examples.
  • Updated some method names to be more semantic.
  • Fix error messages.
  • Removed not needed reset.
  • Bump previous version.
  • Extended the existing video scanning example with a decoding style selection option by @0ndorio.
  • Configurable timeout between continuously decoding attempt by @0ndorio.
  • add an example for continuous qr camera scanning by @0ndorio.
  • fix a typo in the name of isVideoPlaying by @0ndorio.
  • fix a typo in one of the log messages in tryPlayVideo by @0ndorio.
  • sanitize the error callback handling in decodeContinuously by @0ndorio.
  • Fixes a logical error inside tryPlayVideo which prevented any attempts to start a non running video by @0ndorio.
  • Fix Node v12 and sharp dependency issue by @0ndorio.


3 years ago


3 years ago
  • Added some precautions and error handling when playing video.
  • Updated packages.
  • Dropped yarn locker in favor of npm locker, yarn is showing some strange errors in development where npm don't.


3 years ago
  • The much requested continuous decode for browser layer.
  • Promisified some decode once methods.
  • Little performance improvements.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Continuous decode for browser.
  • Renamed decodeFromVideoSource to decodeFromVideo.
    • The parameters changed a little, but just by inverting them we achieve compatibility. This was made so the video decoding API could be closer to the image one.


4 years ago
  • Image and Video decoding rewrite, it's Promise time.
  • Some internal refactorings that made the lib way more powerful dealing with async and stream stuff.
  • New capture canvas, video source and image source handling.
  • VideoInputDevice now implements MediaDeviceInfo.
  • Some methods migrated from the Angular scanner.
    • findDeviceById comes to cover the getDeviceById that once existed in the scanner.
  • Some performance improvement.
  • Not tested, but probably a lot of bugs fixed that will be listed later.
  • Renamed decodeOnceWithDelay to decodeWithRetryAndDelay.

One step closer to continuous scan.


4 years ago

Fixes for ts-custom-error licensing and scanning proccess lifecycle memory exception.


4 years ago

FIxed v0.12.2 publish error where the core layer was not included in the package and, please, don't ask me why, that was no-sense for me.


4 years ago
  • Memory leak fix for a missing clear timeout by @rybon.
  • NPM upgrade and audit fix.


4 years ago

Added EAN 8 support on README.


4 years ago

EAN 8 port by @mpustelnik.


4 years ago


4 years ago
  • Browser Multi Format Reader.
  • Browser QR writer new method writeToDom and write update.
  • New examples on README.


4 years ago

Hotfix for environment camera selection.


4 years ago
  • Released from master branch, fixing wrong v0.9.2 publish.
  • Improved docs, now using the latest version instead of the deprecated @dev one.


4 years ago
  • Removed every const enum for TS compatibility.
  • Enabled RSS-14 on MultiFormatReader.


4 years ago

Browser layer improvements and removed some const enums for TS compatiblity.


4 years ago

Added RSS-14 port by @aryahz.


4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago

Now the docs's images are really fixed. Finally.


4 years ago
  • Should fix the docs.
  • Should contain improvements.
  • Deprecated browser layer.
  • New specific tests.


4 years ago

Short notes:

  • Constant enums.
  • Docs update.
  • TypeScript upgrade.
  • Logs hell fixed.


4 years ago
  • Drop of text-encoding as a dependency.
  • Improved docs.
  • Improved performance.
  • Improved code quality.
  • New VSCode debug config.
  • Port of Code 39 Reader by @jojastahl.
  • ES7 support.


4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago
  • Fix build script where wrong ES version was targeted.
  • Partial README rewrite.
  • Preparation for new awesome comming features.


5 years ago
  • ITF 1D code reader added! 🎉
  • Several bug fixes ~I hope~.
  • A little more missed things, sorry, next release will be nicer, shame on me.


5 years ago


5 years ago


5 years ago


5 years ago


5 years ago

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