npm i @woocommerce/admin-e2e-tests


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1.0.0 (see all)License:GPL-3.0+TypeScript:Built-In
npm i @woocommerce/admin-e2e-tests

Admin E2E Tests

An end-to-end test suite for WooCommerce setup, onboarding, home screen/task list, and analytics.


Install the module

pnpm install @woocommerce/admin-e2e-tests --save


Create a E2E test specification file under /tests/e2e/specs/example.test.js:

const { testAdminBasicSetup } = require( '@woocommerce/admin-e2e-tests' );


See the wooCommerce E2E Boilerplate for instructions on setting up an E2E test environment.


Add the following entries to tests/e2e/config/default.json

  "onboardingwizard": {
    "industry": "Test industry",
    "numberofproducts": "1 - 10",
    "sellingelsewhere": "No"
  "settings": {
    "shipping": {
      "zonename": "United States",
      "zoneregions": "United States (US)",
      "shippingmethod": "Free shipping"

Available tests

The following test functions are included in the package:

testAdminBasicSetupTest that WooCommerce can be activated with pretty permalinks
testAdminOnboardingWizardComplete the onboarding wizard with US merchant
testAdminNonUSRecommendedFeaturesComplete the onboarding wizard with non-US merchant
testSelectiveBundleWCPayEnsure onboarding wizard offers WC Payments in appropriate contexts
testAdminAnalyticsPagesTest that the React App is functional on Analytics pages
testAdminCouponsPageTest that the Coupons is functional
testAdminPaymentSetupTaskTest that payment methods can be configured
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