npm i @urbit/http-api


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2.3.0 (see all)License:MITTypeScript:Built-In
npm i @urbit/http-api

Urbit Connector

This project allows you to connect to an Urbit ship via a JavaScript application.


Check out the example directory for examples of how to use this code.

  1. Open example/index.html in your browser and follow the instructions there, or
  2. With a ship running in the same fashion as indicated in the file above, run node example/index.js

The code for either of these can be found in src/example/browser.js or src/example/node.js, depending on your context.


This library is designed to be useful for node applications that communicate with an urbit running either on the local computer or on a remote one.

The majority of its methods are asynchronous and return Promises. This is due to the non-blocking nature of JavaScript. If used in a React app, response handlers should be bound with this to setState after a message is received.


You must enable CORS requests on your urbit for this library to work in browser context. Use +cors-registry to see domains which have made requests to your urbit, and then approve the needed one, e.g. |cors-approve http://zod.arvo.network.

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