npm i @synerise/ds-dropdown


A UI Design Language and React UI library powered by Synerise team https://design.synerise.com

by Synerise

0.17.58 (see all)License:ISCTypeScript:Built-In
npm i @synerise/ds-dropdown

id: dropdown

title: Dropdown

Dropdown UI Component



disabledWhether the dropdown menu is disabledboolean-
getPopupContainerFunction used to set the container of the dropdown menu. The default is to create a div element in body, you can reset it to the scrolling area and make a relative reposition.Function(triggerNode)() => document.body
overlayDropdown menuMenu \ () => Menu-
overlayClassNameClass name of the dropdown root elementstring-
overlayStyleStyle of the dropdown root elementobject-
placementPlacement of pop menu.bottomLeft / bottomCenter / bottomRight / topLeft / topCenter / topRight / bottomLeft-
triggerTrigger mode which executes the drop-down action (hover doesn't work on mobile device)['hover', 'click', 'contextMenu']['hover']
visibleWhether the dropdown menu is visibleboolean-
onVisibleChangeA callback executed on visibility changes.(visible: boolean)=>void-
onSearchChangeAction triggered after input change(value: string) => void-
placeholderInput placeholderstring-
autofocusAutofocus inputboolean-
onClickActionAction triggered on click() => void-
iconIcon component to show before the textReact.Element-
onClickAction triggered on click() => void-
labelLabel of the buttonReact.Element-
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