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npm i @subql/utils

Welcome to SubQuery!

Flexible, reliable, and decentralised APIs for your web3 project

SubQuery is an Open, Flexible, Fast and Universal data indexing framework for web3. Our mission is to help developers create the decentralised products of the future.

SubQuery allows every Substrate/Polkadot team to process and query their data. The project is inspired by the growth of data protocols serving the application layer and its aim is to help Polkadot/Substrate projects build better dApps by allowing anyone to reliably find and consume data faster. Today, anyone can query and extract Polkadot network data in only minutes and at no cost.

The future is multi-chain - SubQuery is no different. SubQuery is well on our way to support all leading blockchain networks with support for the following:

Get Started

Create a SubQuery project

You can follow our Quick Start Guide to learn how to create, initialize, build, and publish a new SubQuery Project using the @subql/cli tool.

Learn and improve with our comprehensive documentation

Dig into every term, usecases, and best-practices that help you build a dApp which your users love. Take a look at our detailed technical documentation.

Publish your SubQuery Project to our Managed Service

Don't want to worry about running your own indexing infrastructure? SubQuery provides a managed Service with industry leading hosting so you can sleep easy. Trused by hundreds of projects with millions of daily requests, follow our publishing guide to see how you can upload your project to SubQuery Projects.

Run your own Indexer and Query Service

Follow our guide to run your own SubQuery local node that you can use to debug, test, and run you own GraphQL server

You're going to need to a Postgres database, a node to extract chain data, and a moderately powerful computer to run the indexer in the background.

You'll also use our custom-built GraphQL query service @subql/query to interact with your SubQuery project.



We love contributions and feedback from the community. To contribute the code, we suggest starting by creating an issue in our main repository so we can give you support.

SubQuery is a project built with love from the team at SubQuery all the way from New Zealand

Copyright © 2022 SubQuery Pte Ltd authors & contributors

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