npm i @storybook/polymer


Storybook is a frontend workshop for building UI components and pages in isolation. Made for UI development, testing, and documentation.

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npm i @storybook/polymer

Storybook for Polymer

Storybook for polymer is a UI development environment for your Polymer components. With it, you can visualize different states of your UI components and develop them interactively.

Storybook for Polymer is at the EXPERIMENTAL stage!

Storybook Screenshot

Storybook runs outside of your app. So you can develop UI components in isolation without worrying about app specific dependencies and requirements.

Getting Started

cd my-polymer-app
npx -p @storybook/cli sb init

For more information visit: storybook.js.org

Storybook also comes with a lot of addons and a great API to customize as you wish. You can also build a static version of your storybook and deploy it anywhere you want.

Polymer Notes

  • This is super super experimental, if you want to use this, expect some bugs, and missing features.
  • We're looking for help to support this. If you're a member of the Polymer community and like this project, please help us! If you need any onboarding from us, we're happy to help you in any way!
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