npm i @sourceandsummit/verovio


🎵 Music notation engraving library for MEI with MusicXML and Humdrum support and various toolkits (JavaScript, Python)

by rism-ch

3.1.6 (see all)License:LGPL-3.0-or-laterTypeScript:Not Found
npm i @sourceandsummit/verovio

This is an NPM of the stable version of the Verovio JavaScript toolkit.

Verovio is a fast, portable and lightweight library for engraving Music Encoding Initiative (MEI) music scores into SVG.

See it running in the MEI Viewer and check out the tutorial for its web integration and for enabling user interaction.


var verovio = require( 'verovio' );
var fs = require( 'fs' );

/* Wait for verovio to load */
verovio.module.onRuntimeInitialized = function ()
    /* create the toolkit instance */
    var vrvToolkit = new verovio.toolkit();
    /* read the MEI file */
    mei = fs.readFileSync("hello.mei");
    /* load the MEI data as string into the toolkit */
    /* render the fist page as SVG */
    svg = vrvToolkit.renderToSVG(1, {});
    /* save the SVG into a file */
    fs.writeFileSync("hello.svg", svg);

Memory allocation

The memory available for Verovio can be increased during import by passing a MB value to the init function.

var verovio = require('verovio').init(512);

The value has to be less than 1024MB.

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