npm i @simondotm/nx-firebase


Firebase plugin for Nx Monorepos

by Simon M

0.13.0-beta.1 (see all)License:MITTypeScript:Built-In
npm i @simondotm/nx-firebase



A plugin for Nx that provides support for Firebase projects in an Nx monorepo workspace.

See CHANGELOG for release notes.


Nx provides a great way to manage monorepo workflows and this plugin helps to integrate Firebase projects with Nx, by:

  1. Enabling & promoting use of shared Typescript code libraries within Firebase functions
  2. Retaining a familiar usage of all Firebase features in a way that feels integrated with Nx workflow
  3. Requiring minimal friction/setup for configuration of an Nx workspace in order to be productive with development, building & deployment of Firebase projects
  4. Supporting multiple firebase projects within an Nx workspace

Nx-Firebase Features


  • Typescript Firebase functions as Nx applications
  • Single or multiple Firebase projects in one Nx workspace
  • Use of shared Nx buildable libraries in Firebase functions
  • Nx provides automatic dependency checking for builds
  • Building & serving functions with watch mode
  • Firebase Emulators
  • Convenience Nx getconfig target to fetch remote firebase functions configuration variables to local .runtimeconfig.json file
  • Convenience Nx deploy, emulate, and serve targets for functions


  • Auto generates Firebase functions package.json ready for no fuss deployment using the Firebase CLI
  • Auto generates default firebase.json configurations, rules and indexes for each Firebase app
  • Only very lightly opinionated about your Firebase configurations and workspace layouts; you can just use the Firebase CLI as usual
  • Keeps all of your firebase rules and indexes within your app folder, to keep your workspace root free of clutter

Further Information

See the full plugin README for more details.

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