npm i @signumjs/core


SignumJS - Javascript SDK for Signum

by signum-network

1.0.0-rc.52 (see all)License:Apache-2.0TypeScript:Built-In
npm i @signumjs/core


Core module to build cool apps for the Signum blockchain platform


SignumJS can be used with NodeJS or Web. Two formats are available

Using with NodeJS and/or modern web frameworks

Install using npm:

npm install @signumjs/core

or using yarn:

yarn add @signumjs/core


import {composeApi, ApiSettings} from '@signumjs/core'
import {Amount} from '@signumjs/util'

const apiSettings = new ApiSettings('https://testnet.signum.network:6876');
const api = composeApi(apiSettings);

// this self-executing file makes turns this file into a starting point of your app

(async () => {
        const {balanceNQT} = await api.account.getAccountBalance('13036514135565182944')
        console.log(`Account Balance: ${Amount.fromPlanck(balanceNQT).toString()}`)
        catch(e){ // e is of type HttpError (as part of @signumjs/http)
        console.error(`Whooops, something went wrong: ${e.message}`)

Using in classic <script>

Each package is available as bundled standalone library using IIFE. This way signumJS can be used also within <script>-Tags. This might be useful for Wordpress and/or other PHP applications.

Just import the package using the HTML <script> tag.

<script src='https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@signumjs/core/dist/signumjs.min.js'></script>


    const api = sig$.composeApi({nodeHost: "https://testnet.burstcoin.network:6876"});

See more here: @signumjs/core Online Documentation