React Hook for Online status


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  • move react to devDep 2521c05
  • fix: regenerate lockfile c42a6c6
  • fix files prop in package.json, move react to peerDep 70c03f2
  • Update README.md 3bf2c3a



  • patch stale yarn.lock before publishing 483e8ac
  • setup np for release 22e0e94
  • refactor: moved all tests to tests c189eca
  • refactor: removed unused files and changed source to src folder 59c4b93
  • refactor: directory to examples and documentarions files 6093009
  • refactor: update libs to latest stable version ae1599e
  • Fixes code example in README 07de296
  • Merge pull request #2 from rehooks/chore/better-description a4c9481
  • Update README.md e692a2e
  • Update package.json 20ac7c8
  • add better descriptions and change variable name in example ee55ae9
  • Merge pull request #1 from hanford/patch-1 c10d13d
  • Update README.md eb6e7b7
  • tell react not to update the bindings in re-render c36ea6e
  • add example in README dd1f852
  • add package details daa4cb6
  • add events and example ca4c77d
  • add test a9c2be5