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23 days ago
Version 3.3.0 Feature
  • #43 Allow giving a different container for fullscreen control
  • #46 Adding resize, beforeRender & afterRender to useRegisterEvents


2 months ago
Version 3.2.0 Features
  • #42 Be able to customize labels on controls. Example :
<ZoomControl labels={{ zoomIn: "PLUS", zoomOut: "MINUS", reset: "RESET" }} />


4 months ago
Version 3.1.0 Fixes Features
  • Upgrade to sigma@2.4.0
  • Upgrade to graphology-layout-forceatlas2@0.10.1
  • #30 : Forward the sigma ref on the SigmaContainer


6 months ago
  • Fix remove listeners on useRegisterEvents hook.


6 months ago
Version 3.0.2 Features
  • Adding peer dependencies to react, and allow version 17 & 18
  • Upgrade general dependencies included sigma & graphology
  • Set per default the sigma settings allowInvalidContainer to true
  • Better type management for events ( thanks to #1142 )
  • Website with examples with code & preview
  • Reset SearchControl when user click on the stage
Breaking changes
  • Settings of forceAtlas2 has changed in the latest version of graphology
  • Event cameraUpdated has been renamed updated
  • Property initialSettings on component SigmaContainer has been renamed settings
  • Fix touch events - #28 (thanks to @grothendeick)
  • Fix autoRunFor on layout worker when value is set to 0 (ie. no timer)
  • Fix CSS for borders issues


6 months ago

Version 3.0.1 has missing files in npm binaries.


1 year ago
  • Fix repository url in package.json


1 year ago

This is the first release of the version 2 !

What's new ?
  • Name has changed, it's now published under @react-sigma (instead of react-sigma-v2). It makes more sense, specally with the point that follow
  • Project structure : it's a monorepo project with modules. We choose this architecture mainly for layouts, so you can import only the one (or none) that you need.
  • Website has been completely rewritten : sim51.github.io/react-sigma/
New features
  • Possibility to initialize the SigmaContainer with a graph
  • Adding all layouts that are available in graphology
  • Adding hooks to manage camera, zoom, fullscreen, context. Standard component are using those hooks, so it's easy to rewrite them (if needed)
  • Control component renderer can be fully customized
Breaking changes
  • Sigma React div class name has changed from react-sigma-v2 to react-sigma
  • Component ForceAtlasControl has been rename LayoutForceAtlasControl
  • Components of type control don't take anymore properties to customize the DOM button. We use children instead now. For controls with multiple button, the child order is important.
<FullScreenControl customEnterFullScreen={<BsArrowsFullscreen />} customExitFullScreen={<BsFullscreenExit />} />


    <BsArrowsFullscreen />
    <BsFullscreenExit />


1 year ago

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