Beautiful and accessible drag and drop for lists with React.





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@react-forked/dnd (rfd)

Beautiful and accessible drag and drop for lists with React

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Core characteristics

  • Beautiful and natural movement of items 💐
  • Accessible: powerful keyboard and screen reader support ♿️
  • Extremely performant 🚀
  • Clean and powerful api which is simple to get started with
  • Plays extremely well with standard browser interactions
  • Unopinionated styling
  • No creation of additional wrapper dom nodes - flexbox and focus management friendly!

Get started 👩‍🏫

Alex Reardon has created a free course on egghead.io 🥚 (using react-beautiful-dnd) to help you get started with @react-forked/dnd as quickly as possible.


Currently supported feature set ✅

  • Vertical lists ↕
  • Horizontal lists ↔
  • Movement between lists (▤ ↔ ▤)
  • Virtual list support 👾 - unlocking 10,000 items @ 60fps
  • Combining items
  • Mouse 🐭, keyboard 🎹♿️ and touch 👉📱 (mobile, tablet and so on) support
  • Multi drag support
  • Incredible screen reader support ♿️ - we provide an amazing experience for english screen readers out of the box 📦. We also provide complete customisation control and internationalisation support for those who need it 💖
  • Conditional dragging and conditional dropping
  • Multiple independent lists on the one page
  • Flexible item sizes - the draggable items can have different heights (vertical lists) or widths (horizontal lists)
  • Add and remove items during a drag
  • Compatible with semantic <table> reordering - table pattern
  • Auto scrolling - automatically scroll containers and the window as required during a drag (even with keyboard 🔥)
  • Custom drag handles - you can drag a whole item by just a part of it
  • Able to move the dragging item to another element while dragging (clone, portal) - Reparenting your <Draggable />
  • Create scripted drag and drop experiences 🎮
  • Allows extensions to support for any input type you like 🕹
  • 🌲 Tree support through the @atlaskit/tree package
  • A <Droppable /> list can be a scroll container (without a scrollable parent) or be the child of a scroll container (that also does not have a scrollable parent)
  • Independent nested lists - a list can be a child of another list, but you cannot drag items from the parent list into a child list
  • Server side rendering (SSR) compatible - see resetServerContext()
  • Plays well with nested interactive elements by default

Motivation 🤔

@react-forked/dnd exists to create beautiful drag and drop for lists that anyone can use - even people who cannot see. For a good overview of the history and motivations of the project you can take a look at these external resources:

Not for everyone ✌️

There are a lot of libraries out there that allow for drag and drop interactions within React. Most notable of these is the amazing react-dnd. It does an incredible job at providing a great set of drag and drop primitives which work especially well with the wildly inconsistent html5 drag and drop feature. @react-forked/dnd is a higher level abstraction specifically built for lists (vertical, horizontal, movement between lists, nested lists and so on). Within that subset of functionality @react-forked/dnd offers a powerful, natural and beautiful drag and drop experience. However, it does not provide the breadth of functionality offered by react-dnd. So @react-forked/dnd might not be for you depending on what your use case is.

Documentation 📖

About 👋

Sensors 🔉

The ways in which somebody can start and control a drag

API 🏋️‍


Guides 🗺

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Support 👩‍⚕️

Read this in other languages 🌎

⚠️ These following translations are based on react-beautiful-dnd.

Author ✍️

Alex Reardon @alexandereardon

Maintainer 🛠️

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