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PatternFly Elements. A set of community-created web components based on PatternFly design.

by patternfly

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npm i @patternfly/pfe-button

PatternFly Elements

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Table of Contents

  1. Getting started
  2. Element catalog
  3. Creating components
  4. Theming components

PatternFly Elements is a work-in-progress collection of flexible and lightweight Web Components based on the Unified Design Kit. The repo also includes a generator to build new components. PatternFly Elements are:

  • Lightweight: small file size, minimal boilerplate, no "framework-like" features.
  • Universal: write once, use everywhere. PatternFly Elements work in React, Vue, Angular, vanilla JS, anywhere HTML elements are used.
  • Themable: Make overrides as needed via attributes or CSS variables

The result of these principles is that you can plug one set of components into a wide variety of applications; bringing UX consistency and developer familiarity to any web project.

A generator is included for creating web components that meet these goals.

Quick start

git clone git@github.com:patternfly/patternfly-elements.git
cd patternfly-elements
npm ci # install dependencies.
npm run start

Additional dependencies


Building PatternFly Elements requires specific versions of Node.js. To automate usage of the correct version, it is recommended that contributors install nvm as well an automatic version switcher like avn or shell-specific nvm integration. With those installed, your terminal will automatically switch to the correct Node.js version when you cd into the PatternFly Elements repository.

Command Line Helper Scripts

Many commands have an optional argument of space-separated component name(s), if left off it will assume it should run on all components. These should run from the project root.


# Build all components
npm run build


Runs development server.

npm start


✨ Test using (Web Test Runner)

# Run default test group in watch mode.
npm run test:watch

# Run a single test in watch mode.
npm run test:watch -- --files elements/pf-accordion/test/pf-accordion.spec.ts

# Or multiple:
npm run test:watch -- --files 'elements/pf-{select,card}/test/*.spec.ts'

# Run all tests excluding react and vue tests.
npm run test:watch

# Run all tests using a React wrapper in watch mode.
npm run test:react

# Run all tests using a Vue wrapper in watch mode.
npm run test:vue

# Run all tests with and without React and Vue wrappers.
# This is run on pull request within CI.
npm run test:ci

Development and Documentation servers

# Development and documentation servers load simultaneously on localhost:port `:8000` and `:8080` respectively.
npm run start


Though we have tested and verified general usability within these frameworks, PatternFly Elements makes no guarantees about compatibility within specific sites and applications. Please test accordingly.

Stay informed

Sign up for the for the active project participation email list and/or the informed email list.

You can also participate in discussions on patternfly.slack.com in the #patternfly-elements channel.

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