npm i @pankod/refine-codemod


refine is a React-based framework for building internal tools, rapidly. ✨ It ships with Ant Design System, an enterprise-level UI toolkit.

Created by Pankod
CLI is forked from next-codemod

About Refine

refine offers lots of out-of-the box functionality for rapid development, without compromising extreme customizability. Use-cases include, but are not limited to admin panels, B2B applications and dashboards.

About This Tool

This is a code migration tool for refine to handle breaking changes that emerge between major versions. It makes it seamless to upgrade your project between breaking changes. It parses your project's code and transforms it automatically so you don't have to.

How to use

To see available options, run:

npx @pankod/refine-codemod --help

General usage

In terminal, get inside your project root folder with cd and initialize refine-codemod:

npx @pankod/refine-codemod

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