npm i @overextended/ox_lib


Modules to utilise in other resources via imports and exports.

by overextended

3.1.2 (see all)License:LGPL-3.0TypeScript:Built-In
npm i @overextended/ox_lib

ox_lib JS/TS wrapper

Not all ox_lib functions found in Lua are supported, the ones that are will have a JS/TS example on the documentation.

Currently, all the available functions for JS/TS can be found under the resource folder in


# With pnpm
pnpm add @overextended/ox_lib

# With Yarn
yarn add @overextended/ox_lib

# With npm
npm install @overextended/ox_lib


You can either import the lib from client or server files or deconstruct the object and import only certain functions you may require.

import lib from '@overextended/ox_lib/client'
import lib from '@overextended/ox_lib/server'
import { checkDependency } from '@overextended/ox_lib/shared';


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