npm i @ogma/platform-rabbitmq


A monorepo for the ogma logger and related packages

by Jay McDoniel

4.0.1 (see all)License:MITTypeScript:Built-In
npm i @ogma/platform-rabbitmq


The RabbitMqParser parser for the OgmaInterceptor. This plugin class parses RabbitMQ request and response object to be able to successfully log the data about the request. For more information, check out the @ogma/nestjs-module documentation.


Nothing special, standard npm i @ogma/platform-rabbitmq or yarn add @ogma/platform-rabbitmq


This plugin is to be used in the OgmaInterceptorOptions portion of the OgmaModule during forRoot or forRootAsync registration. It can be used like so:

    interceptor: {
      rpc: RabbitMqParser
export class AppModule {}

Important Notes

Because of how RabbitMQ requests are sent and the data available in them, to get the IP address in the request log, an IP property must be sent in the payload. This is the only way to get the IP address. If an IP property is not sent, the interceptor will use an empty string. This is for the same reason as in the @ogma/platform-mqtt docs.

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