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Repository for open source contribution to the Offcourse platform. Open to Javascript developers of all levels!

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Table of Contents

  • What is it
  • Purpose
  • Features
  • How to use Offcourse
  • Asking questions
  • Contributing
  • Authors/maintainers
  • Open Source License

What is Offcourse

Offcourse is an open source platform for crowdsourced learning and knowledge sharing. We believe that if we share what we know, and collect that knowledge in one place, we all learn from each other and we can grow our skills in the area we want. That is why we support open source and open knowledge.


Our aim is to help people grow as professionals. Offcourse focuses on 21st Century Skills, such as design, entrepreneurship and programming. We don't believe in 6 year curricula, long, boring lectures, and one-size-fits-all courses. Instead you assemble your skills bit by bit.


  • Course creation
  • Forking/ Copying courses
  • Editing course material
  • Course storage on profile
  • Social sharing

How to use Offcourse

Anything you find on the web can become part of your personal learning course: blogs, video tutorials, podcasts, you name it. Create collections of learning resources, store them in one place, and share them with like-minded people around the globe.

  • Pick links to the best online resources. Make use of knowledge that is already out there as opposed to starting from scratch. It is like you would use Pinterest in that sense. You will need to create a profile first to be able to store these resources later. Once you created your profile on the platform go to ‘create course’ to do so. You need to fill out the goal of what you want to learn here and the checkpoints then contain your sources for each bit of information that helps you grow the skills you want. Have a look at the courses (cards) curated by Offcourse for some inspiration.
  • Tweak course material to make it suit your style. This means you can take someone else’s card that holds a skill you’d like to master. Click on one of the checkpoints (subtopics of the course) and choose ‘Edit’ in the left side bar to make your own copy (fork). The card is then saved on your own profile.
  • Push your course content to the platform and externally. Share knowledge with the crowd. You do this with the Twitter and Facebook share button at the bottom of a card, or click ‘get url’ to send the url source to a friend or colleague.

Voila, this is how it works. Have fun!

Asking questions

If you have a question about the Offcourse platform, your account, bugs or feature requests, please check our FAQ first to find an answer. For questions not listed on our FAQ and that are other than technical issues or feature requests, don't create an issue on our GitHub repo, but contact us at contact@offcourse.io.


Offcourse is a not-for-profit organization. The learning platform we build is continuously under development. You can help us expand *the Offcourse platform and its community.**

On our GitHub repository you will find both a Bug Database and our Product Roadmap soon. If there’s a feature you’d like to work on to grow your coding skills, please do so. It doesn’t matter if you are new to programming or advanced, we welcome all levels and backgrounds to our community. Before you start, please read our Contributing Guidelines (in progress) to make sure we can work together smoothly and pleasant.

Authors / Maintainers

Offcourse is an open source project and is a community of like-minded people. The authors and maintainers of the project, therefore, are you.



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