npm i @nikolovlazar/chakra-ui-prose


A custom Chakra UI component that adds ready-made styles for rendering remote HTML content.

by Lazar Nikolov

1.2.1 (see all)License:MITTypeScript:Built-In
npm i @nikolovlazar/chakra-ui-prose

Chakra UI Prose

Prose is a Chakra UI component that adds a ready-made typography styles when rendering remote HTML.


yarn add @nikolovlazar/chakra-ui-prose

# or

npm i @nikolovlazar/chakra-ui-prose


To use the Prose component in your app, first you need to use the withProse theme extension:

import { withProse } from '@nikolovlazar/chakra-ui-prose';

const theme = extendTheme({}, withProse());

export default theme;

I know you've already did it, but I want to remind you to pass your theme in your ChakraProvider.

Then, to render the remote HTML content, you need to import the Prose component and add a div element with dangerouslySetInnerHTML inside of it:

import { Prose } from '@nikolovlazar/chakra-ui-prose';

const MyPage = (content) => {
  return <Prose dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{ _html: content }} />;

export default MyPage;

Content Sanitization

If you're rendering content that's not entered by you, it's a good idea to sanitize the content before rendering it. There are numerous packages for content sanitation, but for this example we'll use the DOMPurify package. First you need to install the package itself:

yarn add dompurify

# or

npm i dompurify

Then, you need to use the sanitize method before rendering your content:

import { Prose } from '@nikolovlazar/chakra-ui-prose';
import DOMPurify from 'dompurify';

const MyPage = (content) => {
  return (
        __html: DOMPurify.sanitize(content),

export default MyPage;

This way you'll make sure that the user-submitted content will be safe and you won't be exposed to cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.

Styling the Prose component

The Prose component receives Chakra UI's BoxProps, which means you can use Style Props like p, mx, maxW etc... to apply styling to the Prose component itself.

Overriding Style

The withProse theme extension has an optional argument that overrides its default style. To change the style of a certain element, supply a component style object in the theme extension, provide the baseStyle property and override the element, like so:

const theme = extendTheme(
    baseStyle: {
      h2: {
        fontWeight: 'light',

Refer to the default theme when overriding certain elements.

I've also created a CodeSandbox which you can use to try out the Prose component, and override its default style.

Making it official

The Prose package is not part of the official Chakra UI package for a reason. We decided to roll it out as a separate package is to avoid bloating the core library while we figure out how much people actually need it.

If you want this package to be part of the core library, let us know in this discussion thread:

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