npm i @kolkov/angular-editor


A simple native WYSIWYG editor component for Angular 6 -14+

by Andrey Kolkov

3.0.0-beta.0 (see all)License:MITTypeScript:Built-In
npm i @kolkov/angular-editor

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A simple native WYSIWYG/Rich Text editor for Angular 6-14+

Nov-27-2019 17-26-29


demo | See the code in StackBlitz.

Getting Started


Install via npm package manager

npm install @kolkov/angular-editor --save


2.0.0 and above - for Angular v13.0.0 and above

1.0.0 and above - for Angular v8.x.x and above

0.18.4 and above - for Angular v7.x.x

0.15.x - for Angular v6.x.x


Import angular-editor module

import { HttpClientModule} from '@angular/common/http';
import { AngularEditorModule } from '@kolkov/angular-editor';

  imports: [ HttpClientModule, AngularEditorModule ]

Then in HTML

<angular-editor [placeholder]="'Enter text here...'" [(ngModel)]="htmlContent"></angular-editor>

or for usage with reactive forms

<angular-editor formControlName="htmlContent" [config]="editorConfig"></angular-editor>

if you using more than one editor on same page set id property

<angular-editor id="editor1" formControlName="htmlContent1" [config]="editorConfig"></angular-editor>
<angular-editor id="editor2" formControlName="htmlContent2" [config]="editorConfig"></angular-editor>


import { AngularEditorConfig } from '@kolkov/angular-editor';

editorConfig: AngularEditorConfig = {
    editable: true,
      spellcheck: true,
      height: 'auto',
      minHeight: '0',
      maxHeight: 'auto',
      width: 'auto',
      minWidth: '0',
      translate: 'yes',
      enableToolbar: true,
      showToolbar: true,
      placeholder: 'Enter text here...',
      defaultParagraphSeparator: '',
      defaultFontName: '',
      defaultFontSize: '',
      fonts: [
        {class: 'arial', name: 'Arial'},
        {class: 'times-new-roman', name: 'Times New Roman'},
        {class: 'calibri', name: 'Calibri'},
        {class: 'comic-sans-ms', name: 'Comic Sans MS'}
      customClasses: [
        name: 'quote',
        class: 'quote',
        name: 'redText',
        class: 'redText'
        name: 'titleText',
        class: 'titleText',
        tag: 'h1',
    uploadUrl: 'v1/image',
    upload: (file: File) => { ... }
    uploadWithCredentials: false,
    sanitize: true,
    toolbarPosition: 'top',
    toolbarHiddenButtons: [
      ['bold', 'italic'],

For ngModel to work, you must import FormsModule from @angular/forms, or for formControlName, you must import ReactiveFormsModule from @angular/forms

To serve the fontawesome files, ensure that your angular.json contains the following asset configuration:

  "glob": "**/*",
  "input": "./node_modules/@kolkov/angular-editor/assets/",
  "output": "./assets/fonts/"

Custom buttons

You can define your custom buttons with custom actions using executeCommandFn. It accepts commands from execCommand. The first argument of this method is aCommandName and the second argument is aValueArgument. Example shows a button that adds Angular editor logo into the editor.

<angular-editor id="editor1" formControlName="htmlContent1" [config]="editorConfig">
  <ng-template #customButtons let-executeCommandFn="executeCommandFn">
      <ae-button iconClass="fa fa-html5" title="Angular editor logo"
                 (buttonClick)="executeCommandFn('insertHtml', angularEditorLogo)">



idstring-noId property when multiple editor used on same page
[config]AngularEditorConfigdefault confignoconfig for the editor
placeholderstring-noSet custom placeholder for input area
tabIndexnumber-noSet Set tabindex on angular-editor


(html)Output html
(viewMode)Fired when switched visual and html source mode
(blur)Fired when editor blur
(focus)Fired when editor focus


focusFocuses the editor element


AngularEditorConfigconfigurationConfiguration for the AngularEditor component.


editableboleantruenoSet editing enabled or not
spellcheckboleantruenoSet spellchecking enabled or not
translatestringyesnoSet translating enabled or not
sanitizeboleantruenoSet DOM sanitizing enabled or not
heightstringautonoSet height of the editor
minHeightstring0noSet minimum height of the editor
maxHeightstringautonoSet maximum height of the editor
widthstringautonoSet width of the editor
minWidthstring0noSet minimum width of the editor
enableToolbarboleantruenoSet toolbar enabled or not
showToolbarboleantruenoSet toolbar visible or not
toolbarPositionstringtopnoSet toolbar position top or bottom
placeholderstring-noSet placeholder text
defaultParagraphSeparatorstring-noSet default paragraph separator such as p
defaultFontNamestring-noSet default font such as Comic Sans MS
defaultFontSizestring-noSet default font size such as 1 - 7
uploadUrlstring-noSet image upload endpoint and return response with imageUrl key. {"imageUrl" : }
uploadfunction-noSet image upload function
uploadWithCredentialsboleanfalsenoSet passing or not credentials in the image upload call
fontsFont[]-noSet array of available fonts [{name, class},...]
customClassesCustomClass[]-noSet array of available fonts [{name, class, tag},...]
outlineboleantruenoSet outline of the editor if in focus
toolbarHiddenButtonsstring[][]-noSet of the array of button names or elements to hide
toolbarHiddenButtons: [

What's included

Within the download you'll find the following directories and files. You'll see something like this:

angular-editor/ - library

angular-editor-app/ - demo application


The documentation for the AngularEditor is hosted at our website AngularEditor


Please read through our contributing guidelines. Included are directions for opening issues, coding standards, and notes on development.

Editor preferences are available in the editor config for easy use in common text editors. Read more and download plugins at


For a transparency into our release cycle and in striving to maintain backward compatibility, AngularEditor is maintained under the Semantic Versioning guidelines.

See the Releases section of our project for changelogs for each release version.


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