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Culture Amp's Kaizen Design System 🌱

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npm i @kaizen/components

Kaizen Design System

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Kaizen is Culture Amp's public design system. It accelerates Culture Amp's designers and engineers as they collaborate on creating world-class products. Visit cultureamp.design to learn more.

This repository is the source of truth for Culture Amp's design system documentation and hosts packages such as Kaizen Component Library, which are used across Culture Amp's products. It is structured as a multi-package repository, with a number of independently versioned projects sharing common tools, workflows and vision.

This document serves to orient you within the repository β€” to get you set up and acquainted, and then send you off in the right direction. For more information on any specific package, please refer to its README.



You can explore or create Issues to track ideas, enhancements, or bugs. Use issues to track:

  • Changes to design documentation
  • Missing documentation

To learn more, see the designer section of the Contributing guidelines.

Editing design documentation

You can edit Kaizen Site documentation using GitHub's interface.

To learn more, see the designer section of the Contributing guidelines.

Getting started


Set up access to private Culture Amp packages on your laptop. You will need to update ~.npmrc with a Github token linked to your account. Refer to the instructions here.


To begin developing the design system locally, run the following from the repository root:

yarn install

We use Storybook to provide a local development environment for React components. All Kaizen Design System components have accompanying stories in Storybook.

To run Storybook locally, run the following from the repository root:

yarn storybook

(Having trouble running Storybook? Try running yarn reset, which includes yarn clean and yarn install --force!)

Branch previews

While the main site is located at https://cultureamp.design, all branches in this repository are automatically deployed to a public URL at https://dev.cultureamp.design/(branch-name). This deployment is a Storybook build for that branch.

For example, pushing the branch louis/more-glitter would make its documentation and Storybook build available at dev.cultureamp.design/louis/more-glitter.

Package scripts

It's dangerous to go alone! Take these:

yarn storybookDevelop components locally using Storybook
STORIES=path/to/package yarn storybookDevelop just one package at a time using Storybook (builds faster!)
yarn commitUse commitizen to help you write your conventional commits
yarn compileRun all typechecks
yarn lintRun all linters
yarn lint:fixRun all linters, fixing violations
yarn plopAdd a new component/subcomponent
yarn playwright:Start storybook and run all Playwright tests
yarn playwright:debugStart storybook and run all Playwright tests in debug mode
yarn testRun all tests (using Jest)
yarn resetReinstall all dependencies

Bugs and discussions

Please open a new GitHub Issue to report bugs or suggest changes.

Learn more

Culture Amp employees can reach out to the Design Systems crew on Slack.

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