npm i @joerx/shipit-shared


A set of tasks for Shipit used for symlinking persistent (un-sourced) files and directories on deploy.

by Tim Kelty

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npm i @joerx/shipit-shared


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A set of tasks for Shipit used for symlinking persistent (un-sourced) files and directories on deploy.

Based on the concept of linked_files/linked_dirs from Capistrano


  • By default, the shared task is triggered on the updated event from shipit-deploy
  • All necessary directories are always created for you, whether you are linking a file or a directory.
  • Optionally set permissions on files.
  • Works via shipit-cli and grunt-shipit


  • Optionally copy example files, such as example config files


npm install shipit-shared


Example shipitfile.js

module.exports = function (shipit) {

    default: {
      shared: {
        overwrite: true,
        dirs: [
            path: 'db',
            overwrite: false,
            chmod: '-R 777',
        files: [
            path: 'config/database.yml',
            overwrite: false,
            chmod: '755',

To trigger on the deploy published event, you can simply deploy:

shipit staging deploy

Or you can run the tasks separately :

shipit staging shared
    shipit staging shared:create-dirs
    shipit staging shared:link
        shipit staging shared:link:dirs
        shipit staging shared:link:files

Options shipit.config.shared

shared.dirs, shared.files

Type: Array

An array of files/directories to symlink into current. String values inherit default settings, objects allow per-item configuration:

  path: 'db',
  overwrite: true,
  chmod: '-R 777'


Type: String

Path to the shared file/directory (relative to current).


Type: Boolean

If the target of the symlink exists in current, remove it before creating symlink.


Type: String

Options passed to the chmod command for the given path.


Type: String Default: path.join(shipit.config.deployTo, 'shared')

The path where your shared files reside.


Type: Boolean Default: false

If true, the target of your symlink (in current), will be removed (via rm -rf) before creating the symlink. Under normal circumstances, this is fine, as files in current have come directly from a git checkout.

If false and the target of your symlink is a file or directory, and error is thrown and the task aborted.

The default setting of false is a safety precaution to prevent unintentionally losing data. See


Type: String Default: shared.basePath

The path that will serve as the source for your symlink. This is usually the same as shared.basePath, however it can be necessary to set this in a chroot environment.


Type: String, Boolean Default: updated

Trigger shared task on given event name. Set to false to prevent task from listening to any events. (note: Some part of shipit-shared besides initConfig needs to be run before it can listen for events)


  • shared
    • shared:prepare
      • shared:create-dirs
        • Emit event sharedDirsCreated
      • shared:set-permissions
        • Emit event sharedPermissionsSet
    • shared:link
      • shared:link-dirs
        • Emit event sharedFilesDirs
      • shared:link-files
        • Emit event sharedFilesLinked
    • shared:end
      • Emit event sharedEnd



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