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3kb resource management for Redux

by James

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npm i @guillaumejasmin/redux-resource-plugins

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A tiny but powerful system for managing 'resources': data that is persisted to remote servers.

✓ Removes nearly all boilerplate code for remotely-stored data
✓ Incrementally adoptable
✓ Encourages best practices like normalized state
✓ Works well with APIs that adhere to standardized formats, such as JSON API
✓ Works well with APIs that don't adhere to standardized formats, too
✓ Integrates well with your favorite technologies: HTTP, gRPC, normalizr, redux-observable, redux-saga, and more
✓ Microscopic file size (3kb gzipped!)


To install the latest version:

npm install --save redux-resource


View the documentation at redux-resource.js.org ⇗.

Looking for the v2.4.1 documentation? View it here.

Migration guides to the latest version can be found here.

Quick Start

Follow this guide to get a taste of what it's like to work with Redux Resource.

First, we set up our store with a "resource reducer," which is a reducer that manages the state for one type of resource. In this guide, our reducer will handle the data for our "books" resource.

import { createStore, combineReducers } from 'redux';
import { resourceReducer } from 'redux-resource';

const reducer = combineReducers({
  books: resourceReducer('books')

const store = createStore(reducer);

Once we have a store, we can start dispatching actions to it. In this example, we initiate a request to read a book with an ID of 24, then follow it up with an action representing success. There are two actions, because requests usually occur over a network, and therefore take time to complete.

import { actionTypes } from 'redux-resource';
import store from './store';

// This action represents beginning the request to read a book with ID of 24. This
// could represent the start of an HTTP request, for instance.
  type: actionTypes.READ_RESOURCES_PENDING,
  resourceType: 'books',
  resources: [24]

// Later, when the request succeeds, we dispatch the success action.
  resourceType: 'books',
  // The `resources` list here is usually the response from an API call
  resources: [{
    id: 24,
    title: 'My Name is Red',
    releaseYear: 1998,
    author: 'Orhan Pamuk'

Later, in your view layer, you can access information about the status of this request. When it succeeds, accessing the returned book is straightforward.

import { getStatus } from 'redux-resource';
import store from './store';

const state = store.getState();
// The second argument to this method is a path into the state tree. This method
// protects you from needing to check for undefined values.
const readStatus = getStatus(store, 'books.meta[24].readStatus');

if (readStatus.pending) {
  console.log('The request is in flight.');

else if (readStatus.failed) {
  console.log('The request failed.');

else if (readStatus.succeeded) {
  const book = state.books.resources[24];

  console.log('The book was retrieved successfully, and here is the data:', book);

This is just a small sample of what it's like working with Redux Resource.

For a real-life webapp example that uses many more CRUD operations, check out the zero-boilerplate-redux webapp ⇗. This example project uses React, although Redux Resource works well with any view layer.

Repository Structure

This repository is a Lerna project. That means it's a single repository that allows us to control the publishing of a number of packages. The source for each package can be found in the ./packages directory.

redux-resourcenpm versionThe main library
redux-resource-xhrnpm versionA library that exports a powerful HTTP CRUD action creator
redux-resource-pluginsnpm versionA collection of common plugins
redux-resource-prop-typesnpm versionHandy Prop Types to use with Redux Resource
redux-resource-action-creatorsnpm versionUnopinionated action creators for Redux Resource (bring your own HTTP request)


Thanks for your interest in helping out! Check out the Contributing Guide, which covers everything you'll need to get up and running.


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