npm i @flourish/express-busboy



A simple body-parser like module for express that uses connect-busboy under the hood.

It's designed to be more of a "drop in" replacement for body-parser. With it populating req.body, there is very minimal code change needed to use it.


var bb = require('express-busboy');
var app = express();


The module will populate req.body and req.files like the body-parser module does.


bb.extend(app, {
    //options can go here

By default this module will create an Array when it finds multiple fields with the same name in the POST parameters. You can set restrictMultiple to true to not parse mutiple POST values into Array's

file uploads

By default file uploads are disabled, the req.files object will always be empty. You can activate them with:

bb.extend(app, {
    upload: true,
    path: '/path/to/save/files',
    allowedPath: /./

path will default to: os.tmpdir()/express-busboy/<uuid>/<the field name>/<filename>.

allowedPath can contain a regular expression limiting the upload function to given urls. For example /^\/upload$/ would only allow uploads in the /upload path.

You can have a function returning true/false if you prefer that:

options.allowedPath = function(url) {
    return url == '/upload';

You can restrict uploads to specific mimetypes as well:

options.mimeTypeLimit = [

When files are not uploaded due to path or mimetype checks, no error is returned (so the other data in the request can be handled) the restricted item will simply not appear in the req.files Object.


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