npm i @dashboardcode/bsmultiselect


BsMultiselect is "multiselect input" plugin that reuses your Bootstrap 4 theme and doesn't bring its own css (unless you would like to add it).

by DashboardCode

1.1.18 (see all)License:Apache-2.0TypeScript:Not Found
npm i @dashboardcode/bsmultiselect

DashboardCode Multiselect plugin for Bootstrap 5 (4)

Demo: https://dashboardcode.github.io/BsMultiSelect/

Bootstrap 4 Demo : https://dashboardcode.github.io/BsMultiSelect/indexBs4.html

Breaking Change in ver 1.1.0: important only for those who had custom css; where selector was ul.dropdown-menu it should become div.dropdown-menu (with ul iniside as the firt child); nothing changes for those who use initial styling or reference BsMultiSelect.scss .

Breaking Change in ver 1.0.0: to use with legacy Bootstrap 4 reference the BsMultiSelect.bs4.* bundle|module: e.g. https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@dashboardcode/bsmultiselect@1.1.18/dist/js/BsMultiSelect.bs4.min.js and https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@dashboardcode/bsmultiselect@1.1.18/dist/css/BsMultiSelect.bs4.min.css


  1. Floating Labels, (Only BS5)

  2. Load UMD package to window.dashboardcode.BsMultiselect, (BS4 Version)

  3. Custom Validation, (BS4 Version)

  4. HTML Form Validation, (BS4 Version)

  5. Right To Left (RTL), (BS4 Version)

  6. ES6 module, no jquery, (BS4 Version)

  7. Options manipulation API, (BS4 Version)

  8. Columns and 'no results warning', (BS4 Version)

  9. Popup Maximum Height and Scroll Bar, (BS4 Version)

  10. Custom items styling, (BS4 Version)

  11. Filter's highlighting, (BS4 Version)

CodePen snippets, use them for bug reporting: https://codepen.io/rpokrovskij/pen/yLymQwW (initialized using HTML SELECT) https://codepen.io/rpokrovskij/pen/ExWyZMN (initialized using JS)

There are many similar plugins but this reuses maximum of Bootrap 4 styles/classes and code. In many cases it can be adjusted for your Bootsrap theme without editing CSS or with minimal efforts.

There are two modes of usage: you can use plugin with or without external CSS (means, without BsMultiSelect.(s)css) .

  1. There is a possibility to use plugin without CSS file/rules but adjusting styling parameters in javascript: this is default useCssPatch=true mode.

  2. If you are building your project CSS file form SASS then use useCssPatch=false mode and link ./scss/BsMultiSelect.scss to your project. SCSS file utilize your Bootstrap theme variables. Other use case is traditional (not involving SASS): copy static ./dist/css/BsMultiSelect.css and manually adjust it for your theme.

BsMultiSelect follows Bootstrap 5 conventions and use the same instruments (babel, sass, rollup) so pretend to represent a BS team's modern plugin's boilerplate. Supports all Bootsrap component features: pre/append buttons, custom validation, form validation, RTL.



npm install @dashboardcode/bsmultiselect


Bootstrap 5 https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@dashboardcode/bsmultiselect@1.1.18/dist/js/BsMultiSelect.min.js https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@dashboardcode/bsmultiselect@1.1.18/dist/js/BsMultiSelect.esm.min.js https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@dashboardcode/bsmultiselect@1.1.18/dist/css/BsMultiSelect.min.css

Bootstrap 4 https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@dashboardcode/bsmultiselect@1.1.18/dist/js/BsMultiSelect.bs4.min.js https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@dashboardcode/bsmultiselect@1.1.18/dist/js/BsMultiSelect.bs4.esm.min.js https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@dashboardcode/bsmultiselect@1.1.18/dist/css/BsMultiSelect.bs4.min.css


Instead of using BS5 Dropdown component (it is not possible since BS Dropdown requires presence of toggle-buttons https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap/issues/26420) the plugin uses popper.js (V1) directly.

Inspite of this the plugin utilize dropdown-menu CSS class. Menu items contains BS Custom checkboxes.

Other BS classes were used:

  • form-control class - it is applied to ul that emulates input

  • badge class - selected items, each item contains BS close button

  • custom-control-input class - each dropdown item contains BS custom checkboxes

It was a clear design goal to provide the MultiSelect that not require external css (use Bootstrap components only) but unfortunatly, if you do not use SCSS, this can be achived only for limited number of themes. Not all bootstrap themes varibales can be accessed from a plugin as classes, or CSS-variables, therefore we need to setup them in javascript (default useCssPatch=true mode). Some of those variables are:

  • $input-height - we need it for DIV form-control's min-height; default value is "calc(2.25rem + 2px)",

  • $input-disabled-bg - we need it to "disable" DIV form-control - set background color; default value is "#e9ecef"

  • $input-color - we need to make DIV color the same as input color (color of text you are typing); default value is "#495057"

  • focus for isvalid, focus for isinvalid effects (mixins)

If your theme changes those variables, and you do not want to start with custom css, I highly recommend to update them on the plugin initialization:

Sample useCssPatch=true configuration (default values used):

              useCssPatch=true, // default, can be ommitted
              cssPatch: {
                choicesList: {listStyleType:'none', paddingLeft:'0', paddingRight:'0', marginBottom:'0'},
                picks: {listStyleType:'none', display:'flex', flexWrap:'wrap',  height: 'auto', marginBottom: '0'},
                choice: 'px-md-2 px-1',  
                choice_hover: 'text-primary bg-light', 
                filterInput: {
                    border:'0px', height: 'auto', boxShadow:'none', 
                    padding:'0', margin:'0', 
                    outline:'none', backgroundColor:'transparent',
                    backgroundImage: 'none' // otherwise BS .was-validated set its image
                filterInput_empty: 'form-control', // need for placeholder, TODO test form-control-plaintext

                // used in PicksDom
                picks_disabled: {backgroundColor: '#e9ecef'},

                picks_focus: {borderColor: '#80bdff', boxShadow: '0 0 0 0.2rem rgba(0, 123, 255, 0.25)'},
                picks_focus_valid: {borderColor: '', boxShadow: '0 0 0 0.2rem rgba(40, 167, 69, 0.25)'},
                picks_focus_invalid: {borderColor: '', boxShadow: '0 0 0 0.2rem rgba(220, 53, 69, 0.25)'},

                // used in BsAppearancePlugin
                picks_def: {minHeight: 'calc(2.25rem + 2px)'},
                picks_lg:  {minHeight: 'calc(2.875rem + 2px)'},
                picks_sm:  {minHeight: 'calc(1.8125rem + 2px)'},
                picks_floating_def: {minHeight: 'calc(3.5rem + 2px)'},

                // used in pickContentGenerator
                pick: {paddingLeft: '0', paddingRight: '.5rem', paddingInlineStart:'0', paddingInlineEnd:'0.5rem'},
                pickButton: {fontSize:'0.8em',  float : "none", verticalAlign: "text-top"},
                pickContent_disabled: {opacity: '.65'}, 

                // used in choiceContentGenerator
                choiceContent: {justifyContent: 'flex-start'}, // BS problem: without this on inline form menu items justified center
                choiceLabel: {color: 'inherit'}, // otherwise BS .was-validated set its color
                choiceCheckBox: {color: 'inherit'},
                choiceLabel_disabled: {opacity: '.65'},  // more flexible than {color: '#6c757d'}; note: avoid opacity on pickElement's border; 

                // floating plugin
                label_floating_lifted: {opacity: '.65', transform : 'scale(.85) translateY(-.5rem) translateX(.15rem)'},
                picks_floating_lifted: {paddingTop: '1.625rem', paddingLeft:'0.8rem', paddingBottom : '0'},

                warning: {paddingLeft: '.25rem', paddingRight: '.25rem', zIndex: 4,  fontSize:'small', backgroundColor: 'var(--bs-warning)'} // zIndex=4  since the input-group zIndex=3

Note 1: in cssPatch and css (discussed below) parameters you can mix styles and classes (depending on your theme available features) this way:

      choiceLabel_disabled: { classes: '...', styles: {...}}   

Note 2: when you setup cssPatch and css (discussed below) parameters in configuration as object parameter - you do not need to repeat all default values - when classes replaces default classes, styles from configuraion merge default styles (you are able to add/replace default styles only you need).

BsMultiSelect handles click events friendly to your modals and popups. Important: for mouse events preventDefault, stopPropagation were not used (so your other controls always will get 'clicks' on them). BsMultiSelect remove its DOM elements (in 'option was deselected intiated by the click on "x" button' scenario) using setTimeout(..,0) - this simplifies the identification of click event's target during the bubling (bacause of element is not removing in click event loop iteration you always are able to identify that click's target belongs to BsMultiselect - and skip processing - most probably cancel popup close handler);

For keyboard events preventDefault was used to a) handle tab (9) as autocompleate b) arrows (38, 40) to prevent browser still them; c) enter (13) to prvent default button action (submit etc.) d) esc (27) to avoid "clear text on esc" functionlity dublication

Manipulations with SELECT > OPTION

When data source is select element then when user make a selection the option's selected attribute is not removed or added, only HTMLOptionElement.selected value is setuped (this automitically doesn't add\remove selected attribute). If it is not enough and you need to add/remove an attribute, then you can override setSelected in the configuration (note: but this break HTML Form reset functionality in Chrome).

              setSelected: function(option /*element*/, value /*true|false*/){
                  if (value) 
                  option.selected = value;

setSelected also can be used for validation (if return false) and this is discussed below.

Dynamic Updates

Inspite plugin subscribes to form's reset event listener, there are no MutationObserver defined inside (BsMultiSelect does not track properties on original SELECT, or js object data, on parent FIELDSET element, or presence of .was-validated on parent , or presence of is-valid, is-invalid original select or substitutional configuration methods.

If you change original select's appearance after BsMultiSelecte was created then you will need to push changes to component with corresponded methods UpdateIsValid, UpdateDisabled, UpdateSize, UpdateWasValidated, UpdateValidy. Or All together with UpdateAppearance.

If you change options/items properties (text, selected, disabled, hidden) or if you delete them or insert new items you need to push changes to component with UpdateData. There is specific UpdateOptionsSelected method synchronize only selected states of options, UpdateOptionsDisabled to synchronize only disabled states of options, UpdateOptionsHidden for hidden.

Update method works like "update all": it call UpdateAppearance and UpdateData.


          $('#mySelect').bsMultiSelect("UpdateDisabled"); // bsMultiSelect call the method directly

Or this way.

          var bsMultiSelect = $('#mySelect').BsMultiSelect(); // BsMultiSelect return the api object
          bsMultiSelect.updateDisabled(); // ! use traditional low case first letter calling the api methods

Other way to access the component's instance is using data :

          var bsMultiSelect = $('#mySelect').data('DashboardCode.BsMultiSelect');
          if (bsMultiSelect){
              // there you are sure that component is attached

To update specific option UpdateOptionSelected,UpdateOptionDisabled,UpdateOptionHidden (Option here without s) with index argument could be used:

          var index =15;

Umd factories

      <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@popperjs/core@2.9.2/dist/umd/popper.min.js"></script>
      <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@dashboardcode/bsmultiselect@1.1.18/dist/js/BsMultiSelect.min.js"></script>
            dashboardcode.BsMultiSelect("#myElement" /*, options*/);

            // alternatively
            // var element = document.querySelector("#myElement");
            // dashboardcode.BsMultiSelect(element /*, options*/);

ESM factories

      <script type="module">
            import {createPopper} from "https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@popperjs/core@2.9.2/dist/esm/popper.min.js"
            import {ModuleFactory as dashboardCodeFactory} from "https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@dashboardcode/bsmultiselect@1.1.18/dist/js/BsMultiSelect.esm.min.js"
            var element = document.querySelector('#languages-id');
            var environment = {window, createPopper};
            let dashboardCode = dashboardCodeFactory(environment);
            bsMultiSelect = dashboardCode.BsMultiSelect(element /*, options*/); 

jQuery factories

Method 1:

          // bsMultiSelect returns jQuery selector
          var bsMultiSelect = $('.myMultiSelect').bsMultiSelect(options); 

Method 2:

          // BsMultiSelect return the instance of MultiSelect class (or an array 
          // of them, ir selector '.myMultiSelect' returns multiple elements)
          var bsMultiSelect = $('.myMultiSelect').BsMultiSelect(options); 

$.fn["bsMultiSelect"].noConflict and $.fn["BsMultiSelect"].noConflict are available.

Bundling with WEBPACK from UMD bundles

Building webpack bumndel from UMD bundles with webpack 1) use exact names in aliases 2) manually put jQuery first

Lets index.js - used as start point for webpack :

import 'jquery'; // should be manually loaded first since '@dashboardcode/bsmultiselect' do not require it as dependency and can be loaded ahead it 
import '@popperjs/core'; // do not use aliases for jquery and '@popperjs/core' since exact names are required by bootstrap and bsmultiselect umd bundle
import 'bootstrap#umd'; // requires jquery and popper
import '@dashboardcode/bsmultiselect#umd'; // requires popper

Then UMD resolution in webpack.config should look like:

resolve: {
        alias: {
            '@popperjs/core': '@popperjs/core/dist/umd/popper.js',
            'bootstrap#umd': 'bootstrap/dist/js/bootstrap.js',
            // ......


Shortly: BsMultiSelect supports ALL Bootstrap 5 component features (append/prepend input buttons, floating labels, custom validation, HTML form validation visualization with .was-validated). Additionally it also supports RTL (right-to-left).

multiline: input can grow vertically;

right-to-left support: search for [dir='rtl'] on parents; snippet is here...

SELECT disabled / readonly / FIELDSET disabled support: although there is difference between those two attributes for input, the HTML 5.2 support only disabled for select element. Readonly attribute on original select will be ignored;

<option disabled selected>: option that is disabled and selected at the same time can be deselected but can't be selected again (just as it is in HTML select; important note: during the form's submit HTML ignore disabled selected - doesn't send them; also browser's "go back" step done with autocomplete never removes disabled options; have it in mind or use the feature only with options passed as JavaScript object);

<option hidden>: options with hidden property are ... hidden. You can't deselect them either. This is exactly how HTML5.2 works, but many other plugins show hidden options;

change event: you can subscribe to original select change event;

form reset: integrated with HTML Form reset functionality - button type='reset' renew the selected list;

<label>: click on the label puts focus on input and opens the dropdown;

<optgroup label=".." > grouped options will be flatten; there is no sense mixing "Browse Tree" and "Autosuggest popup" UI expirience. Even if it is possible, I consider this as true: "code that don't exist is infinitely performant and extremely easy to maintain and document." (c) Heydon Pickering;

no flick: optionally it is possible to add UL element (component's picks/selections/badges list) manually to HTML; then you will see less flicks during the page load

placeholder: use data-placeholder, data-bsmultiselect-placeholder or configuration parameter {placeholder:"select something.."}

Bootstrap custom validation .is-valid and .is-invalid: supports Bootstrap validation behaviour as for the original select, that means manage border, hovered border, toggle siblings (in)valid-feedback or (in)valid-tooltip ); snippet is here... ;

Suports HTML form validation: if original select is invalid (option is required - required attribute) then BsMultiSelect informs user on submit; snippet is here... ;

Suports HTML form custom validation: you can get HTMLElement validation API "emulation" by multiSelect.validationApi, then you can call .setCustomValidity(...) method the same as you would do it for original select

Bootstrap HTML form validation visualizations with .was-validated: supports Bbootstrap 5 styles for input elements with pseudoclasses .was-validated :invalid and .was-validated :valid; manage border, hoovered border, toggle sibling (in)valid-feedback or (in)valid-tooltip ); snippet is here... ;

sizes: supports bootstrap custom-select-lg, custom-select-sm or input-group-lg, input-group-sm on original select

no results found warning: can be found usefull by some users, since "no results" situation blocks TAB jump to next field (ESC bypass this)

           isNoResultsWarningEnabled : true,
           // noResultsWarning = "No results found";  // default message

bootstrap input-group + prepend + append support but you will need to setup more infromation about the dom - to mark a container with dashboardcode-bsmultiselect class

          <div class="input-group dashboardcode-bsmultiselect"> <!-- mark the container with dashboardcode-bsmultiselect"  -->
                <div class="input-group-prepend">
                    <span class="input-group-text">:-)</span>
                <select name="Languages" id="languages-id" class="form-control"  multiple="multiple" style="display: none;">
                    <option value="EN">English</option>
                    <option value="ES">Spanish</option>
                <ul class="form-control"></ul> <!-- optionally but recommended: component's  picks/selections/badges list for "no flick load" -->

dialog and popup works on Bootstrap dialogs and dropdowns (BS dropdowns requires to add additional click event filtering from developer to do not close popup when clicking is inside the component - usually on click the popups should be closed )

CSS and SCSS: you can copy BsMultiSelect.css (included to distribution) and update values manually for your theme. Or you can use ./scss/BsMultiSelect.scss copy it to your project and update reference to your custom BS variables in yout theme); these requires such configuration:

              useCssPatch: false // this disables style's manipulation in js; and relly only on classes

Also useCssPatch: false allows you to go to heavy styling (and even use plugin without bootstrap 5). Those additional options are available (you see default values):

              useCssPatch: false,
              css : {
                      choices: 'dropdown-menu', // bs, in bsmultiselect.scss as div.dropdown-menu
                      choicesList: '', // bs, in bsmultiselect.scss as div.dropdown-menu>ul (first child)
                      choice_hover:  'hover',  //  not bs, in scss as 'ul.dropdown-menu li.hover'
                      choice_selected: '', 
                      choice_disabled: '', 

                      picks: 'form-control',  // bs, in scss 'ul.form-control'
                      picks_focus: 'focus', // not bs, in scss 'ul.form-control.focus'
                      picks_disabled: 'disabled', //  not bs, in scss 'ul.form-control.disabled'
                      pick_disabled: '',  

                      pickFilter: '', 
                      filterInput: '',

                      // used in pickContentGenerator
                      pick: 'badge text-dark', // bs
                      pickContent: '',
                      pickContent_disabled: 'disabled', // not bs, in scss 'ul.form-control li span.disabled'
                      pickButton: 'btn-close', // bs

                      // used in choiceContentGenerator
                      // choice:  'dropdown-item', // it seems like hover should be managed manually since there should be keyboard support
                      choiceCheckBox_disabled: 'disabled', //  not bs, in scss as 'ul.form-control li .custom-control-input.disabled ~ .custom-control-label'
                      choiceContent: 'form-check', // bs d-flex required for rtl to align items
                      choiceCheckBox: 'form-check-input', // bs
                      choiceLabel: 'form-check-label',
                      choiceLabel_disabled: '',

                      label_floating_lifted: 'floating-lifted',
                      picks_floating_lifted: 'floating-lifted',

                      warning: 'alert-warning'

With css parameter you can change classes of generated HTML elements. Default HTML generated (for useCssPatch: false) looks like:

        <div class="dashboardcode-bsmultiselect">
          <ul class="form-control focus" style="..">
              <li class="badge"><span>California</span><button class="close">..</button></li>
              <li class="badge"><span class="disabled">Pennsylvania</span><button class="close">..</button></li>
              <li><input id=".." style=".." ..></li>
          <div class="dropdown-menu">
            <ul style=".." ..>
                <li class="px-2 text-primary bg-light">
                  <div class="custom-control custom-checkbox">
                     <input type="checkbox" .. >
                     <label ..>Alabama</label>
                <li class="px-2">
                  <div class="custom-control custom-checkbox">
                    <input type="checkbox" ..>
                    <label ..>Alaska</label>

without select element - intialize with js object: in this case plugin should be initialized over div

                options : [
                            {text:"Asia", value:"C0",hidden:false,disabled:false,selected:true},
                getDisabled : () => $('#optionDisable').is(":checked"), 
                getValidity : () => null, //... or true, or false 
                // setSelected : ... if there are no selected property in option

Note: option's item should contais two required properties (text, value) - you can't ommit them. If selected is ommited then setSelected configuration method become obligated. If setSelected return false this cancel update "process" - this way can be achieved such goals as "max selected".

HTML Configuration

$("#myMultiSelect").bsMultiSelect() would work over several configurations of initial elements

Here are recommended variants:

  1. Over <SELECT>
<select id="#myMultiSelect"></select>

<!-- no flick -->
<div class="dashboardcode-bsmultiselect">
  <select id="#myMultiSelect"></select>
  <ul class="form-control" style="..." /> <!-- styles/classes should contains everithing you need for "no flick" -->

<!-- input-group -->
<div class="input-group dashboardcode-bsmultiselect">
   <div class="input-group-prepend">...</div>
   <select id="#myMultiSelect"></select>
   <ul class="form-control" style="..."/> <!-- or put it before select  -->
   <div class="input-group-append">...</div>

  1. Over JS Object
<div id="#myMultiSelect"/>

<!-- no flick -->
<div id="#myMultiSelect">
  <ul class="form-control" style="..."/> <!-- styles/classes should contains everithing you need for "no flick" -->

<!-- input-group -->
<div class="input-group dashboardcode-bsmultiselect">
   <div class="input-group-prepend">...</div>
   <ul id="#myMultiSelect" class="form-control" style="..."/> <!-- required, become picks -->
   <div class="input-group-append">...</div>

Note: input-group variants are inconsistent, but you need them not too often.

Note: dashboardcode-bsmultiselect class (aka container) is used just to limit the search in DOM selectors and it should be never used for styling or positioning; still (in)valid-feedback classes should be siblings of the container; (also container is a good element to setup rtl attribute, so when RTL for BsMultiSelect is configured through js configuration isRtl field, BsMultiSelect force rtl attribute on container).

Note: in case of SELECT datasource if there are no parent dashboardcode-bsmultiselect then container will be created as sibling of SELECT, so the SELECT will be located outside dashboardcode-bsmultiselect

Note: picks (UL) should be direct child of dashboardcode-bsmultiselect .

Note: picks (UL) should be styled to have compleated look suitable for "no flick" e.g. style="list-style-type: none; display: flex; flex-wrap: wrap; height: auto; margin-bottom: 0px; min-height: calc(2.25rem + 2px);":

Note: choices element (dropdown menu) and picks element (selectrd items) are always inside dashboardcode-bsmultiselect.

Proposal to Bootstrap

It would be very nice if Bootstrap could provide those SASS variables as classes :

  min-height: $input-height; // support sm and lg form-controls also

   background-color: $input-disabled-bg !important;

   color: $input-color !important;

Vote there: https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap/issues/26412

Note, BS allready provide classes like: h-25, bg-light, text-primary that make many variables available as classes so the proposal is just an improovement of theirs class system.

Browser compatability

Popper v2 requires those polyfills for IE11:

<script src="https://polyfill.io/v3/polyfill.min.js?features=CustomEvent,Array.prototype.find,Promise,Object.assign"></script>

Known issues

  • Tested only for IE11, Chrome 66, Edge 42/17, IPhone Safari; Browser should support flexbox (IE 9 doesn't);

  • no 'smart tracking' of dynamic changes in options/data - after changes in data you need to call 'Update/UpdateData' method manually (this is actally not an issue, but desing decision); also you can't update concreate option (wait for UpdateDataItem in future versions). Detach/attach should be used if you have changed plugin styling parameters or RTL dinamically;

  • no "X selected" message on filter's dropdown;

  • no smart disabling on mobile devices (manage it manually);

  • usually you still need css to patch some plugin element's styles to fix unexpected theme effects (e.g. BS close button could be made white by a dark theme, then .badge > close {color:black;} fix the problem );

  • memory leaks: as I see there is something like several KB memory leak on each attach/detach (that can be ignored since as I see every jquery plugin "attach/detach" have the same effect). Memory leak is in the compiled objects, not nodes. But I can't identify its source (jquery, bootstrap utilities, my code?). If you know how to explain it: help me. Here is a quick way to experiment with attach/detach and memory snapshots: https://dashboardcode.github.io/BsMultiSelect/snippetLeaks.html ;

Future development

Plugin is highly customizable even now, but API is not published. "Single select", "Enter Tags" or "Enter emails", "Fonts list" etc. can be developed right now with it, but I need to stabilize API before open it (also I should made "search" customizable).


BsMultiSelect was created because at the moment when Bootstrap 4 was released all existed multiselect plugins had strange side effects. It was just simpler to try to combine several BS 5 tools together: form-control, dropdown-menu, close button, badge then trying to understand internals of mature projects. Now I mantain this list only to motivate myself to improove the BsMultiSelect.

Other Bootstrap extension ideas: https://github.com/trumbitta/bootstrap-css-utils https://github.com/tarkhov/postboot

For use case "search some enitities in remote data source" (this is not the same as "select the option") I highly recommend to use the 'typeahead.js' and 'bloodhound.js' combination.

Used tools: VS Code https://code.visualstudio.com/


  • to Bootstrap team, I follow theirs npm/rollup project configuration
  • Github user https://github.com/michalchrzastek , for poposed popup max-heigt|scrolling realization (now ChoicesDynamicStylingPlugin)
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