npm i @crello/react-lottie


React wrapper for Airbnb Lottie (lottie-web)

by crello

0.0.11 (see all)License:MITTypeScript:Built-In
Categories:React Canvas
npm i @crello/react-lottie


React/Typescript wrapper for awesome Airbnb's lottie-web lib.



you can find demo files in ./examples folder -- launch with yarn start


yarn add @crello/react-lottie or npm install --save @crello/react-lottie


Most basic react-lottie example:

import React from 'react';
import { Lottie } from '@crello/react-lottie'
import animationData from './myAwesomeAnimation.json'

export const BasicLottieComponent = () => <Lottie config={{animationData: animationData}}>

Lottie component creates <div> and passes it to lottie config as the container param. This div contains renderer's output of choosen type: 'svg'| 'html' | 'canvas'. <Lottie> accepts style and className props that will apply to the container.

Any browser events should be added on elements wrapping actual <Lottie> e.g.:

<div onClick={..}>



  height?: string - valid css value e.g. '100px' [default: `100%`],
  width?: string - valid css value e.g. '100px' [default: `100%`],
  playingState?: 'playing' | 'stopped' | 'paused' [default: `playing`],
  segments?: AnimationSegment | AnimationSegment[],
  speed?: number - animation playback speed [default: `1`],
  style?: styles passed to lottie container,
  direction?: AnimationDirection - [default: `1`],
  lottieEventListeners?: ReactLottieEvent[] - see available events in AnimationEventName from 'lottie-web',
  config: ReactLottieConfig - config with mandatory `path` or `animationData`,


  animationData: any - an Object with the exported animation data,
  path: string - remote data,
  renderer?: 'svg' | 'canvas' | 'html' - choose renderer [default: `svg`],
  loop?: boolean | number - loop boolean or count [default: `false`],
  autoplay?: boolean - it will start playing as soon as it is ready [default: `true`],
  name?: string - animation name for future reference,
  rendererSettings?: SVGRendererConfig | CanvasRendererConfig | HTMLRendererConfig,


See more details in @crello/react-lottie exports: Lottie, ReactLottieConfig, ReactLottieOwnProps, ReactLottiePlayingState

Also check out the types provided by lottie-web itself: AnimationDirection, AnimationSegment, AnimationEventName, AnimationEventCallback, AnimationItem, BaseRendererConfig, SVGRendererConfig, CanvasRendererConfig, HTMLRendererConfig, AnimationConfig, AnimationConfigWithPath, AnimationConfigWithData, Lottie

More lottie animations you can find on lottiefiles