npm i @coinranking/exchanges


An open source JavaScript library for fetching tickers from cryptocurrency exchanges

by coinranking

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npm i @coinranking/exchanges

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Exchanges 📉📈

A JavaScript library for getting up to date cryptocurrency exchange tickers.

Getting started

  1. Node.js 12.13 or higher is required
  2. Install using NPM


Coinranking Exchanges is a Node.js module available through the npm registry.

Before installing, download and install Node.js. Node.js 12.13 or higher is required.

Installation is done using the npm install command:

npm i @coinranking/exchanges


List all supported drivers

const exchanges = require('@coinranking/exchanges');


Get the tickers of a specific exchange

const { Binance } = require('@coinranking/exchanges');

const driver = new Binance();

  .then((tickers) => {


Getting started

Install dependencies

npm install


List all supported drivers

node lib/cli.js list

Get the tickers of a specific exchange

node lib/cli.js tickers [name of the exchange]
Record-R, --recordRecord the requests, and save them as fixtures.
API Key-k, --keyFor passing down an API key when the driver requires one. When used in combination with the -R flag the key will be masked in the fixtures.


See the documentation for more information.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome. This project is intended to be a safe, welcoming space for collaboration, and contributors are expected to adhere to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct.

Adding an exchange

  1. Add a new driver (see the examples)
  2. Add the driver alphabetically to drivers/index.js
  3. Add a new fixture (use the record option of the CLI 'tickers' command)

Single API calls are highly preferred. When adding an exchange be aware of the base and quote. A driver should at least support base, quote, close and baseVolume or quoteVolume. And optionally open, high, low, ask, bid, baseName, baseReference, quoteName and quoteReference.

Listing requirements

Note that all exchanges will be reviewed by our team to see if it meets our standards before we merge a pull request. We'll evaluate several aspects, including trading volume, web and social presence, traffic, and reviews. (Spot trading and trading activity are required; futures and derivatives are not supported yet.)

Please send your listing request to info@coinranking.com, and include your daily trading volume and a link to your platform. We will then review your exchange ASAP.


  • Driver basis: Shows the basic setup of a driver, which can be used as the starting point for new ones.
  • Driver with API key: Shows how to set up a driver that uses an API which requires a key.


  1. Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide
  2. Conventional commits

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