npm i @chakra-ui/core
kevcx23 Ratings3 Reviews
June 29, 2020
Great Documentation
Responsive Maintainers

I have been impressed with the Chakra ui kit and maintainer. The components are very high-quality, with a focus on a11y (important!). It's a single maintainer right now, which always carries some risk, but the rate at which the library is updated and maintained is impressive. I hope to see more widespread support and adoption. With a little love, this could be a better alternative to some of the most popular react component kits out there today.

Parimal YeolePune73 Ratings71 Reviews
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March 23, 2021
Great Documentation
Easy to Use

I've been using this library a couple of times to build personal projects. This helps me a lot to build and react to UI Components for layout. This library has the best quality UI components with better performance and speed, very lightweight library and works smoothly every time . easy to use and clean documentation with great community support and best library for beginners

complexity of O(log n).
December 5, 2020
Easy to Use
Highly Customizable

Another one of the styling tool which can be highly useful while using React as it is simple, modular, and component-based.

Akshay Kadambattu74 Ratings66 Reviews
January 12, 2021
Easy to Use
Great Documentation

Really good components and very clean code. But I've never seen anything special with this library to stick with it. Seems a bit replaceable for me. But the community is large, so its good for beginners.

Ruben MateusLisbon, Portugal32 Ratings30 Reviews
October 8, 2020
Responsive Maintainers
Easy to Use
Highly Customizable
Great Documentation

I have been using chakra-UI in a small little project, so far it is great. The components are very high-quality and so customizable. Needs more love from community and adoption.

Catan MarinBucharest/Romania5 Ratings0 Reviews
July 11, 2021
Matt WalkerUnited States5 Ratings0 Reviews
July 5, 2021
Carlos Butler45 Ratings0 Reviews
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June 20, 2021
vonwao3 Ratings0 Reviews
June 12, 2021
Hein Ko Zin12 Ratings0 Reviews
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June 7, 2021

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