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Blockfrost Cardano CLI

by blockfrost

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npm i @blockfrost/blockfrost-cardano-cli

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Blockfrost Cardano CLI

Drop-in(ish) replacement for cardano-cli.
Query the blockchain without the need to spin up your own Cardano node. All powered by Blockfrost API.

InstallationSetupCommandsCardano CLI compatibility



If you have Node.js installed the fastest way to install the CLI is directly with npm. For instructions for installing Node.js please see nodejs.org. Although the CLI should run on Node.js v14 just fine, we recommend v16 which is active LTS.

npm install -g @blockfrost/blockfrost-cardano-cli

After the installation is completed new commands blockfrost-cardano-cli and its shorter alias bcc should be available.


Build the docker container by running following command within the repository:

docker build . -t blockfrost-cardano-cli --no-cache

Then run docker run with --env flag to pass environment variables into a docker container:

docker run --env BLOCKFROST_PROJECT_ID_MAINNET=<PROJECT_ID> blockfrost-cardano-cli --help


In order to use Blockfrost Cardano CLI you first need generate project token(s) on Blockfrost.io.

Then set following environment variables:

  • BLOCKFROST_PROJECT_ID_MAINNET - Mainnet token that will be used if you don't specify --testnet flag
  • BLOCKFROST_PROJECT_ID_TESTNET - Testnet token that will be used when --testnet or --testnet-magic 1097911063 flag is specified (legacy Cardano Testnet network)
  • BLOCKFROST_PROJECT_ID_PREPROD - Testnet token that will be used when --testnet-magic 1 flag is specified (Cardano Preprod network)
  • BLOCKFROST_PROJECT_ID_PREVIEW - Testnet token that will be used when --testnet-magic 2 flag is specified (Cardano Preview network)

We recommend setting both of these variables as it allows you to seamlessly switch between mainnet and testnet network while using the CLI.


$ bcc <COMMAND> [--testnet | --testnet-magic 1 | --testnet-magic 2 | --testnet-magic 1097911063] [--out-file FILE] [--help]


If you have cardano-cli in PATH environment variable it will be automatically detected and commands that are not directly supported by blockfrost-cardano-cli will be passed to cardano-cli.

bcc query tip

Get the current tip

$ bcc query tip --testnet

    "epoch": 171,
    "hash": "d91bbfb72158eed4949663abbc20ce70dcc1a5c4d8855b6db46f6cd9c061dce5",
    "slot": 43922944,
    "block": 3115492,
    "era": "Alonzo",
    "syncProgress": "100.00"

bcc query utxo --address

Get the current UTXO set filtered by an address.

$ bcc query utxo --address addr1q9cn7sh5tgxj5xazsnj7pqfn2nrltnqzh268arnp5a273av8q0pkxxvsh4v5jc4lwz5ccdxh892g73ns65xj5vvqsa3s93g77p

 TxHash                                                           TxIx   Amount
 ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── ────── ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
 61d47e568b1502064906e977aae848c7aec9a76f97e7d11ad5d752e95c438011 0      1379280 lovelace + 1 e5a2bcc51466942a9db1da62471a1b682bde3abcebafee2c7fb1e378.415254494643544d4f4f4e32353437
 ac1d8802a4e100d90ce59fb4e4573f1c7884a65197ff39810a88eb0b07de3aa6 0      30000000 lovelace
 69818d49963ffafe8a287ec270d05ba89493de33ddf7b5b9bcb07e97802a0f28 1      5573009 lovelace
 fba1526c49684722199b102bffd5b4a66ea1d490605532753fa24e12af925722 0      5000000 lovelace

bcc query stake-address-info --address

Get the current delegations and reward balance filtered by stake address.

$ bcc query stake-address-info --address stake_test1uqvjsz7a3xm7ylpzgdhvg29gd9686ss9kztxeaanwp9nreqq74692 --testnet

        "address": "stake_test1uqvjsz7a3xm7ylpzgdhvg29gd9686ss9kztxeaanwp9nreqq74692",
        "rewardAccountBalance": 0,
        "delegation": null

bcc transaction submit --tx-file FILE

$ bcc transaction submit --tx-file /tmp/mytx --testnet

Transaction successfully submitted.

bcc query pool-params --stake-pool-id POOLID

List parameters of specified pool

$ bcc query pool-params --stake-pool-id pool1y6chk7x7fup4ms9leesdr57r4qy9cwxuee0msan72x976a6u0nc --testnet

    "poolParams": {
        "publicKey": "26b17b78de4f035dc0bfce60d1d3c3a8085c38dcce5fb8767e518bed",
        "cost": 340000000,
        "metadata": {
            "hash": "514e56dacc4f556ebc1d307473d0cf15d4cf0dc27169870e46a811625f09262e",
            "url": "https://stakenuts.com/testnet.json"
        "vrf": "db61b20aeb616dbc39ca36194e7a54d5cef5464c6e6d0d420cfa551f7dc43d64",
        "owners": [
        "pledge": 100000000000,
        "rewardAccount": {
            "network": "Testnet",
            "credential": {
                "key hash": "13cf55d175ea848b87deb3e914febd7e028e2bf6534475d52fb9c3d0"
        "margin": 0.05,
        "relays": [
                "single host name": {
                    "port": 3001,
                    "dnsName": "relays.testnet.stakenuts.com"
    "futurePoolParams": null,
    "retiring": null

bcc query protocol-parameters

$ bcc query protocol-parameters --testnet

    "txFeePerByte": 44,
    "minUTxOValue": 34482,
    "decentralization": 0,
    "utxoCostPerWord": 34482,
    "stakePoolDeposit": 500000000,
    "poolRetireMaxEpoch": 18,
    "extraPraosEntropy": null,
    "collateralPercentage": 150,
    "stakePoolTargetNum": 500,
    "maxBlockBodySize": 73728,
    "minPoolCost": 340000000,
    "maxTxSize": 16384,
    "treasuryCut": 0.2,
    "maxBlockExecutionUnits": {
        "memory": 50000000,
        "steps": 40000000000
    "maxCollateralInputs": 3,
    "maxValueSize": 5000,
    "maxBlockHeaderSize": 1100,
    "maxTxExecutionUnits": {
        "memory": 11250000,
        "steps": 10000000000
    "costModels": {},
    "protocolVersion": {
        "minor": 0,
        "major": 6
    "txFeeFixed": 155381,
    "stakeAddressDeposit": 2000000,
    "monetaryExpansion": 0.003,
    "poolPledgeInfluence": 0.3,
    "executionUnitPrices": {
        "priceSteps": 0.0000721,
        "priceMemory": 0.0577

bcc query stake-distribution

Get aggregated stake distribution sorted by pool ID (in hex).

$ bcc query stake-distribution --testnet

 PoolId                                                   Stake frac
 ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────── ──────────
 pool1qqyjr9pcrv97gwrueunug829fs5znw6p2wxft3fvqkgu5f4qlrg 6.246e-3
 pool1qqfnw2fwajdnam7xsqhhrje5cgd8jcltzfrx655rd23eqlxjfef 2.983e-6
 pool1qquwwu6680fr72y4779r2kpc7mxtch8rp2uhuqcc7v9p6q4f7ph 2.178e-7
 pool1qptl80vq84xm28pt3t2lhpfzqag28csjhktxz5k6a74n260clmt 9.643e-8
 pool1qzlk4mdgauljhk9eq4m6jmxtjyyeyjgjj0wk7vfmvwxrx22ljgs 6.213e-3
 pool1qrfa3jrqptfj0kg5pef7fup6ta70pdf7e7vjcgpxtrtsvxxf7ze 2.957e-10
 pool1qrazx9r2jtepdefa7h830az933vexudt9rpn0t2vky95k5k97my 1.245e-4

Cardano CLI compatibility

We have ported just those calls for which you would need to run your own cardano-node. Other calls, which do not require the cardano-node, such as key generation and signing etc., have not been ported. For these calls, you still need cardano-cli installed.

If you have cardano-cli in PATH environment variable it will be automatically detected and commands that are not directly supported by blockfrost-cardano-cli will be passed to cardano-cli.

Output of following commands should be compatible with cardano-cli (1.31.0) for all practical purposes. It is possible we have missed few things. If you encounter any problem while replacing cardano-cli with blockfrost-cardano-cli please open an issue.

  • bcc query
    • pool-params --stake-pool-id
    • protocol-parameters
    • tip
    • stake-distribution
    • stake-address-info --address
    • utxo --address
  • bcc transaction
    • submit --tx-file

Additionally, all commands support --out-file FILE, --mainnet, --testnet or --testnet-magic <1097911063 | 1 | 2>.


bcc command won't work correctly while running from within repository. During development use the following

$ ./bin/dev


$ yarn dev