npm i @bitgo/sdk-coin-ethw


BitGo JavaScript SDK

by BitGo

1.3.15 (see all)License:MITTypeScript:Built-In
npm i @bitgo/sdk-coin-ethw

BitGo sdk-coin-ethw

SDK coins provide a modular approach to a monolithic architecture. This and all BitGoJS SDK coins allow developers to use only the coins needed for a given project.


All coins are loaded traditionally through the bitgo package. If you are using coins individually, you will be accessing the coin via the @bitgo/sdk-api package.

In your project install both @bitgo/sdk-api and @bitgo/sdk-coin-ethw.

npm i @bitgo/sdk-api @bitgo/sdk-coin-ethw

Next, you will be able to initialize an instance of "bitgo" through @bitgo/sdk-api instead of bitgo.

import { BitGoAPI } from '@bitgo/sdk-api';
import { Ethw } from '@bitgo/sdk-coin-ethw';

const sdk = new BitGoAPI();

sdk.register('ethw', Ethw.createInstance);


Most of the coin implementations are derived from @bitgo/sdk-core, @bitgo/statics, and coin specific packages. These implementations are used to interact with the BitGo API and BitGo platform services.

You will notice that the basic version of common class extensions have been provided to you and must be resolved before the package build will succeed. Upon initiation of a given SDK coin, you will need to verify that your coin has been included in the root tsconfig.packages.json and that the linting, formatting, and testing succeeds when run both within the coin and from the root of BitGoJS.

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