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React component library for BBC World Service and more

by bbc

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npm i @bbc/psammead-story-promo

:sparkles: Psammead - BBC Package Library :sparkles:

Known Vulnerabilities Maintainability Test Coverage Storybook PRs Welcome

Psammead is a package library which contains a mixture of components, containers and utilities.

Psammead packages are split into:

  • Components - GEL-compliant presentational React components. They are ready for use out of the box, regardless of data source.
  • Containers - Functional components for optional use with presentational components of the same name.
  • Utilities - Commonly shared Psammead dependencies, fundamentals to aid building additional GEL-compliant components, and aditional packages for use in building SPAs.

Documentation index

Please familiarise yourself with our:

NB there is further documentation colocated with relevant packages and code. The above list is an index of the top-level documentation of our repo (and our sibling repo Simorgh).

🎁 Getting Started

✈️ Clone this repository

git clone git@github.com:bbc/psammead.git

Install Yarn

The Psammead project uses Yarn for package management. It is recommended to install Yarn through the npm package manager, which comes bundled with Node.js when you install it on your system. To install Yarn, run this command:

npm install --global yarn

🔨 Setup Local Environment

cd psammead && yarn install:packages

N.B. When merging branches, the yarn install:packages command should be favoured over yarn install. More details available here.

🏃‍♂️ Run tests

Install dependencies locked to yarn.lock:

yarn install --immutable

(NB: You can't reliably run the jest tests when the packages are linked locally, as they may have been linked across breaking changes. Running yarn install --immutable resets all links. To update snapshots within unit tests, run yarn test:unit -- -u.)

Run the component tests:

yarn test

This runs Jest across any packages matching this glob pattern: packages/components/**/*.test.jsx. It also runs each package's yarn test command if it is defined

🏃‍♂️ Run Storybook

yarn storybook

NB, we've defined global styles (normalize, box-sizing, Reith font) in the Storybook config so that components render as expected.

👷‍♂️ Build Packages/Components

yarn build

💻 Developing with Psammead

Learn how to use Psammead components in your own project.

📊 Support levels

We strive for components to conform to the following minimum levels of support, but please check each component's individual README.

Browser support

BrowserLowest version
Opera Mini18
Android Browser7
Android Chrome53
Android Firefox49
IOS Safari10

Note that these browser support levels have been defined by usage statistics for BBC News and BBC Persian.

Assistive Technology Support

ZoomTextLatestscreen magnifierInternet Explorer 11
Dragon NaturallySpeaking13speech recognitionInternet Explorer 11
JAWS17screen readerInternet Explorer 11
Read&WriteLatestscreen readerInternet Explorer 11
VoiceOverLatestscreen readerSafari on iOS
NVDALatestscreen readerFirefox on Windows

Testing instructions for each assistive technology, including priority categories.

🚀 Publishing Packages (only available for BBC staff as we publish via our corporate npm)

⚙️ Setting up your npm account

  • Create an npm account with your bbc email address. https://www.npmjs.com
  • In your npm profile settings, set up Two Factor Authentication. Enable it for authorization and publishing
  • Back up your recovery codes for your account
  • Join the BBC npm org by following the process here: https://github.com/bbc/npm When you're added to the org and signed in, you should be able to see all public and private @bbc packages here: https://www.npmjs.com/settings/bbc/packages

🎈 Publishing a package

Packages are published on merge into the latest branch via our CI process. The process defaults to publishing with public access and a tag of latest, however this can be overridden using configuration on your package json.

To stop your package from publishing to NPM add the following value to your package.json

"private": true,

The access and tag of the release can be overridden from the default values by adding the following values to your package.json

"publishConfig": {
  "access": "restricted",
  "tag": "alpha",

The access value is restricted by NPM and can only be the values public and restricted.

🎢 Deploying Storybook

The Psammead Storybook is hosted on GitHub pages at http://bbc.github.io/psammead. It is currently deployed via a local script that builds Storybook to the gh-pages git branch which is used by GitHub pages.

yarn deploy-storybook

NB, this automatically pushes to the 'gh-pages' branch, which deploys to the live GitHub pages site. Please only run this script on the latest branch.

The name?

Image of the Psammead from the BBC TV program Five Children and It (2004)

Pronounced as sam-me-ad 'sæmiː|æd

"The Psammead, also known as Sand Fairy, is a sapient magical creature once encountered by five children in a gravel pit".

It MIGHT stand for:

Perfectly sharable atomically modular magically engineered abstract doodads

Or it might be named Psammead to follow the mythical creature theme of related repos.

We'll let you decide!



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