npm i @babel/core
shafayet140405252 Ratings52 Reviews
December 21, 2020
Great Documentation
Easy to Use

Almost all of us have heard about babel, a transpiler that converts the latest javascript features(ES6) that are not understandable to every browser to ES5 which is understandable to every browser. Just a great tool. Explore it.

Katharin BensonIndia105 Ratings104 Reviews
Machine Learning and Deep Learning Enthusiast.
September 14, 2021
Great Documentation
Easy to Use

One of the core packages I use in the JS ecosystem is babel. Writing ES code is now easy and worry free as babel takes care of the backward compatibility across browser as well as Node. I use ES2020 features all the time like the optional chaining operator and nullish coercion operator which are outo polyfilled or transpiled to backward versions. Babel is really useful when building webextensions that you need support for older browsers.

Abhijith Vijayan~/ India / Kerala91 Ratings71 Reviews
npx abhijithvijayan
July 27, 2021
Great Documentation
Easy to Use

It is the backbone of modern day JS development. The transpiler transforms new version of JS to old version which is powered in the browsers allowing the developers to use new features without worrying about the browser support. The ability to specify browser versions which we need support for is one of the core features of babel.
Babel plugins provide the ability to use all the cool features of babel.js

Allen JosephINDIA46 Ratings46 Reviews
21. Google Code-In 2018 Finalist.| InCTF 2017 Finalist.| A passionate programmer.
March 25, 2021
Hard to Use
Great Documentation

I use this package almost on all my applications since it helped me to solve the problem of JS not compiling in older browsers. The documentation for Babel is excellent. I felt like babel is a bit heavy. The configuration of Babel was confusing to me when I used it first time. And I think Babel is not really beginner friendly for users. Also I think it's a bit hard to debug with Babel Thank you!.

Charles821153 Ratings46 Reviews
September 21, 2021
Great Documentation
Easy to Use

It is a javascript compiler that converts ECMAScript 2015+ code to javascript. I use this when building web extensions which I need to be support in older browser versions. From my user experience, it is slower than the esbundle. It helps me to create new features without worrying about browser versions. I have been using it for 3 years. Documentation is really great.

Victor NogueiraTallinn, Estonia23 Ratings23 Reviews
Open-sourcerer, focusing on games and automation.
November 9, 2021
Highly Customizable

I've used Babel directly and also through bundlers. It's easy to configure, but it can get tricky when integrated with other tools. Nevertheless, it helped my team develop with confidence, knowing Babel would automatically polyfill the code to work fine on old browsers. It's essential for any project targeting a global market.

LrazerzKyiv, Ukraine39 Ratings39 Reviews
Bondarenko Vladyslav
February 27, 2021
Great Documentation
Easy to Use

I've used this library for 3 years. Great tool to support older browsers while writing modern code with latest features. It has a great docs, has support to works in conjunction with bundlers as Webpack. Also has alternatives as TypeScript, but TypeScript is for more general purposes.

Gajanan2756 Ratings36 Reviews
1 year ago

Really love this library, Its enable us to used ES6 features, its helped to convert them to broswer understandable javascript. without this I am helpless to use mordern javascript frameworks.

pravanjan10 Ratings10 Reviews
November 21, 2020

It's one place to go on to compile the latest version of javascript. No matter what we do whether writing unit tests or code a must-have package.

Rajesh TirupathiHyderabad, India73 Ratings67 Reviews
December 29, 2020
Great Documentation

Babel is your best friend when you are writing any UI code. It take care of all your code and make sure it runs in all browsers. Otherwise you have to deal with different browsers and older versions.


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