npm i @aws/otel-aws-xray-propagator


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npm i @aws/otel-aws-xray-propagator

OpenTelemetry Propagator AWS X-Ray

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The OpenTelemetry Propagator for AWS X-Ray provides HTTP header propagation for systems that are using AWS X-Ray HTTP header format. This propagator translates the OpenTelemetry SpanContext into the equivalent AWS X-Ray header format, for use with the OpenTelemetry JS SDK.


npm install --save @aws/otel-aws-xray-propagator


In the global tracer configuration file, configure the following:

const { propagation } = require("@opentelemetry/api");
const { AWSXRayPropagator } = require('@aws/otel-aws-xray-propagator');
// ...

module.exports = ("service_name_here") => {
  // set global propagator
  propagation.setGlobalPropagator(new AWSXRayPropagator());
  // ...}

For more details, see the Getting Started guide.

Propagator Details

Example header:X-Amzn-Trace-Id: Root=1-5759e988-bd862e3fe1be46a994272793;Parent=53995c3f42cd8ad8;Sampled=1

The header consists of three parts: the root trace ID, the parent ID and the sampling decision. The root is required, whereas the parent ID and sampling decision are optional.

Root - The AWS X-Ray format trace ID

  • Format: (spec-version)-(timestamp)-(UUID)
    • spec_version - The version of the AWS X-Ray header format. Currently, only "1" is valid.
    • timestamp - 32-bit number in base16 format, encoded from time(second) when created. Populated by taking the first 8 characters of the OpenTelemetry trace ID.
    • UUID - 96-bit random number in base16 format. Populated by taking the last 10 characters of the OpenTelemetry trace ID.

Root is analogous to the OpenTelemetry Trace ID, with some small format changes. For additional reading, see the AWS X-Ray Trace ID public documentation.

Parent - The ID of the AWS X-Ray Segment

Sampled - The sampling decision*

  • Defined in the AWS X-Ray specification as a tri-state field, with "0", "1" and "?" as valid values. Only "0" and "1" are used in this propagator.
  • Populated from the OpenTelemetry trace flags.

Example of usage (will be added after published):


Apache 2.0 - See LICENSE for more information.

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