npm i @atomist/cli


The Atomist CLI

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npm i @atomist/cli

Atomist CLI - @atomist/cli

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The Atomist CLI, a unified command-line tool for interacting with Atomist services.



If you are running Homebrew on macOS, you can use it to install the Atomist CLI.

$ brew install atomist-cli


You will need Node.js installed to run the Atomist CLI. Once Node.js is installed, you can use npm to install the Atomist CLI.

$ npm install -g @atomist/cli


To use local software delivery machine (SDM), you will need Git installed. See the Local SDM documentation for more information.

To interact with the Atomist API, you will need an Atomist workspace. See the Atomist Getting Started Guide for instructions on how to get an Atomist workspace and connect it to your source code repositories, continuous integration, chat platform, etc. See the Atomist Developer Guide for more complete instructions on setting up your development environment.

You can run atomist --help to see the standard help message. See the Atomist developer quick start for more information.


You can use the Atomist CLI to configure your local environment to run software delivery machines (SDMs) and other Atomist API clients.

$ atomist config

See the Atomist developer prerequisites for more information.


You can use the Atomist CLI to install the Atomist Kubernetes utilities in your Kubernetes cluster:

$ atomist kube --environment=MY_CLUSTER

replacing MY_CLUSTER with a meaningful name for the Kubernetes cluster your kubectl utility is configured to communicate with. See the Atomist Kubernetes documentation for more information.

Fetch schema

You can fetch the current version of the GraphQL schema for your Atomist workspace using the following command.

$ atomist gql-fetch

If you are defining custom types via registering ingestors in an SDM or other API client, you should download the schema in each of your SDM/API client projects prior to building them.


General support questions should be discussed in the #help channel in the Atomist community Slack workspace.

If you find a problem, please create an issue.


You will need to install node to build and test this project.

Build and Test

Use the following package scripts to build, test, and perform other development tasks.

npm installinstall project dependencies
npm run buildcompile, test, lint, and generate docs
npm startstart the Atomist CLI
npm run lintrun TSLint against the TypeScript
npm run compilecompile TypeScript
npm testrun tests
npm run autotestrun tests every time a file changes
npm run cleanremove files generated during the build


Releases are managed by the Atomist SDM. Press the release button in the Atomist dashboard or Slack.

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