npm i @asymmetrik/fhir-gql-schema-utils


FHIR GraphQL Schema Utilities

Suite of FHIR related utilities for GraphQL schemas.


yarn add @asymmetrik/fhir-gql-schema-utils



extendSchema is a simple utility that allows you to merge multiple objects or GraphQLObjectType's into a single set of fields. Essentially allowing you to extend other schemas more easily.

const { extendSchema } = require(' @asymmetrik/fhir-gql-schema-utils');

// Create a schema and merge in other schemas or JSON objects
// to include fields in a schema
let FooSchema = new GraphQLObjectType({
  name: 'FooSchema',
  fields: () =>
    extendSchema(BaseSchema, AnotherSchema, {
      fooThings: {
        type: GraphQLString,
        description: 'Things about Foo',

// At this point, FooSchema will now have all the fields that BaseSchema
// and AnotherSchema have.

See fhir-gql-schema-utils tests for more usage examples.


@asymmetrik/fhir-gql-schema-utils currently only contains the one utility. We will be adding more over time but for now you can only use extendSchema.


extendSchema accepts a comma separated list of Objects and/or GraphQLSchemas. You can add as many or as few as you like. The default is to return an empty object. The only fields copied over right now are type, description, and resolve.

Type: Object|GraphQLSchema
Required: false

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