npm i @anyjunk/immutablepatch


Immutable Patch

Apply RFC 6902 style patches to Immutable.JS data structures, such as Maps, Lists, and Sets.

Getting Started

You may get the module via npm:

npm install immutablepatch

And apply JSON patches to an immutable JSON object:

var Immutable = require('immutable');
var patch = require('immutablepatch');

var list = Immutable.fromJS([1, 2, [3, 4]]);
var ops = Immutable.fromJS([
  {op: 'replace', path: '/2/1', value: 10}

var result = patch(list, ops);
// var expected = Immutable.fromJS([1, 2, [3, 10]]);

You will probably need immutablediff to generate diff operations.

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