npm i @anansi/router


🕷 Anansi

Production ready, developer friendly. Opinionated yet extensible.

Anansi (/əˈnɑːnsi/ ə-NAHN-see) is an Akan folktale character. He often takes the shape of a spider and is considered to be the god of all knowledge of stories. Anansi uses his knowledge to help JavaScript developers spin new web projects.


Starting a new React project can be a lot of work. There are many tools that need to work together. The best tools available keep a tight technical focus with high levels of configurability. In practice this means it's a lot of work to get started and even more work to maintain, while keeping the tools cleanly working together.

Like Ubuntu did for Linux; Anansi focuses on bringing together many powerful tools in unison to build high performance web applications, quickly - while not losing the power and flexibility each individual tool provides.

  • Start a project in a minute
  • Modular and Incremental
  • Modern
    • Stay up with the latest best in class tooling by a simple package upgrade
  • Batteries included
  • DRY configurations
  • Battle-tested


node.js >=12 and npm >=7 are required.

Use nvm to install these if you don't already.

wget -qO- | bash

Next install Anansi's CLI

npm install -g @anansi/cli yarn

Then generate your new project:

anansi hatch my-app-name

This creates a my-app-name directory in your current directory and sets up the project there.


Features can be incrementally adopted by running sub-generators from an existing project directory.

E.g., Adding Testing

cd my-app-name
anansi add testing

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