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apt-s3 is an APT Method Interface written in Go to use a private S3 bucket as an apt repository on Debian based systems. Similar projects exist, but they all have their caveats:

  • Many are completely unmaintained
  • Most require python and some require additional pip packages
  • Some only use the default AWS authentication methods
    • This means any application specific credentials in a Docker container must also have access to the S3 bucket or apt breaks entirely
  • Most set the region globally so they only support a single S3 region at a time
  • Some place the API keys in the S3 URI
    • This means they are leaked every time apt-get update or apt-get install is run
  • Some do not use the AWS SDK
  • None of them expose an interactive component for downloading files


The only requirement for apt-s3 is the ca-certificates package and its dependencies.

Installation is as easy as downloading the binary or deb package from our releases page.

Package Installation

Download the package and install it with dpkg -i /path/to/package.deb. If you see the error message below simply run apt-get install -f to fix it.

dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of apt-s3:
 apt-s3 depends on ca-certificates; however:
  Package ca-certificates is not installed.

Binary Installation

Download the binary and move it to /usr/lib/apt/methods/s3.


Simply create an apt list file in the proper format to start using apt-s3 with apt.

export BUCKET_NAME=my-s3-bucket
export BUCKET_REGION=us-east-1

echo "deb s3://${BUCKET_NAME}.s3-${BUCKET_REGION} stable main" > /etc/apt/source.list.d/s3bucket.list"

Credentials File

/etc/apt/s3creds is checked before using the default AWS credential methods. The file has a format similar to ~/.aws/credentials, but profiles are ignored.

aws_access_key_id     = foo
aws_secret_access_key = foobar123
aws_session_token     = not-normally-needed

Interactive Usage

To download a file using apt-s3 simply use the -download flag. Run apt-s3 -help for usage info.

export BUCKET_NAME=my-s3-bucket
export BUCKET_REGION=us-east-1

apt-s3 -download s3:/${BUCKET_NAME}.s3-${BUCKET_REGION} -path /tmp/file


Use the Makefile to build the binary and .deb package (requires nfpm to be installed and in the $PATH).

$ make

Releasing a New Version

To release a new version you will need a few things:

  1. Write access to this repo
  2. A personal access token
  3. nfpm installed and in the $PATH

Once everything is set up follow these steps to create a release and upload assets:

export GITHUB_TOKEN=<your personal access token>
# bumping the version programatically can be easily done with `awk`
export VERSION=$(git describe --tags | awk -F. -v OFS=. '{ $3++ } 1') # use $1 for major/$2 for minor/$3 for patch
make VERSION=$VERSION release


Improvements are always welcome. Please follow these steps to contribute:

  1. Fork repo
  2. Submit a Pull Request with a detailed explanation of changes
  3. Receive a 👍 from a core team member
  4. Core team will merge your changes


Use of this software is subject to important terms and conditions as set forth in the LICENSE file.

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