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Fast React pages for existing sites

GreenJS combines esbuild, Go, and prerendering into a great developer experience for React users.

Build faster with a familiar interface

Iterate without reading our docs, the GreenJS <Router> and <Link> elements are already familiar to most React developers.

'npm build' is 10x faster

GreenJS is written entirely in Go, and uses esbuild to finish builds in milliseconds instead of minutes.

Add react components to existing sites

The GreenJS production webserver can act as a proxy to forward traffic to an existing site effortlessly.

How to Get Started

1. Write React code like you usually would

Instead of using complex file-based routing, use routes directly within React to define pages. GreenJS comes with drop-in replacements for react-helmet, react-router and react-dom.

2. Run greenjs build to prerender your site

At build-time, we’ll discover all of your routes. We’ll use a headless browser to visit all of your pages and run your React code. The resulting pages will be saved as HTML.

3. Host your site as you usually would

GreenJS automatically emits a high performance webserver in the dist folder to distribute the entire application with ease.

Ready to get started?

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