go get github.com/kavu/ayeaye



AyeAye is a PoC OSX Keylogger written in Go + Objective-C with RabbitMQ Backend.


Few days ago @ifesdjeen asked me about Go + Objective-C possibilites. He wanted to make a simple OSX keylogger. Well, I found that's interesting, because I've already done Go + Objective-C PoC project and AyeAye is how I've solved it. I am not sure that many of you will find it useful, but for learning purposes - why not? "Please, in the name of the Science — question everything."


Please, be sure that your GOPATH is set properly. Then clone the repo and run the make. Make should clone all the dependencies and build the AyeAye binary.

Run with RMQ_URL=amqp://guest:guest@localhost:5672/ sudo ./AyeAye (URL is just and example, don't forget to change acording your RabbitMQ setup).

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