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HomeKit support and Prometheus exporter for Powerley Energy Bridge devices.

These devices are typically provided by power utility companies under their brand names. For instance, AEP Energy Bridge or DTE Energy Bridge.

This service creates a "sensor" HomeKit accessory and reports energy usage with characteristics that should be compatible with the Elgato Eve app. However, this functionality isn't quite working at the moment. (I suspect the Eve app will only work if the accessory is a "switch" rather than a "sensor".)

A Prometheus exporter is run (on port 9525 by default) which exports the current demand in watts under the metric powerley_energybridge_instantaneous_demand_watts.


The tool can be installed with:

go get -u

Then you can run the service:

powerley-energybridge-homecontrol -ip <energybridge ip>

The service will receive messages from the energy bridge every 5 seconds.

The Prometheus exporter runs on port 9525 by default. This can be changed with the -addr flag.

To pair with HomeKit, open up your Home iOS app, click the + icon, choose "Add Accessory" and then tap "Don't have a Code or Can't Scan?" You should see the energy bridge under "Nearby Accessories." Tap that and enter the PIN 00102003.


Issues and pull requests are welcome. When filing a PR, please make sure the code has been run through gofmt.


Copyright 2018-2019 Joe Shaw

powerley-energybridge-homecontrol is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.

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