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Golang 项目代码自动生成工具

  • Types

  • Proejct

  • ORM

  • Controller

  • Errors

  • Arugments

    Usage: gopt [options]


    gen_gin_server  generate gin server code from template
    gen_orm generate database orm code from template
    gen_gin_api generate gin controller code from template
    gen_js_api  generate vue-resource code from api template
    gen_api_doc generate api doc from api template
    version show version
    help    show help
    gen_types   generate structs code from yaml config file
    gen_errors  generate error_msg.yaml and error constants from yaml config file


    -types  types config file, default: types.yaml
    -errors errors config file, default: errors.yaml
    -orm    database config file, default: db.yaml
    -api    gin controller config file, default: api.yaml

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