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Package gooxml provides creation, reading, and writing of ECMA 376 Office Open XML documents, spreadsheets and presentations. It is still early in development, but is progressing quickly. This library takes a slightly different approach from others, in that it starts by trying to support all of the ECMA-376 standard when marshaling/unmarshaling XML documents. From there it adds wrappers around the ECMA-376 derived types that provide a more convenient interface. The raw XML based types reside in the `schema/`` directory. These types are always accessible from the wrapper types via a `X() method that returns the raw type. Except for the base documents (document.Document, spreadsheet.Workbook and presentation.Presentation), the other wrapper types are value types with non-pointer methods. They exist solely to modify and return data from one or more XML types. The packages of interest are, baliance/gooxml/spreadsheet and Code: Code:

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gooxml is a library for creation of Office Open XML documents (.docx, .xlsx and .pptx). It's goal is to be the most compatible and highest performance Go library for creation and editing of docx/xlsx/pptx files.

Requires go1.8+, builds are tested with 1.8, 1.9 and tip.

Build Status GitHub (pre-)release License: AGPL v3 GoDoc go 1.8+


  • Documents (docx) [Word]
    • Read/Write/Edit
    • Formatting
    • Images
    • Tables
  • Spreadsheets (xlsx) [Excel]
    • Read/Write/Edit
    • Cell formatting including conditional formatting
    • Cell validation (drop down combobox, rules, etc.)
      • Retrieve cell values as formatted by Excel (e.g. retrieve a date or number as displayed in Excel)
    • Formula Evaluation (100+ functions supported currently, more will be added as required)
    • Embedded Images
    • All chart types
  • PowerPoint (pptx) [PowerPoint]
    • Creation from templates
    • Textboxes/shapes


There has been a great deal of interest in performance numbers for spreadsheet creation/reading lately, so here are gooxml numbers for this benchmark which creates a sheet with 30k rows, each with 100 columns.

creating 30000 rows * 100 cells took 3.92506863s
saving took 89ns
reading took 9.522383048s

Creation is fairly fast, saving is very quick due to no reflection usage, and reading is a bit slower. The downside is that the binary is large (33MB) as it contains generated structs, serialization and deserialization code for all of DOCX/XLSX/PPTX.


go get
go build -i

Document Examples

Spreadsheet Examples

Presentation Examples

Raw Types

The OOXML specification is large and creating a friendly API to cover the entire specification is a very time consuming endeavor. This library attempts to provide an easy to use API for common use cases in creating OOXML documents while allowing users to fall back to raw document manipulation should the library's API not cover a specific use case.

The raw XML based types reside in the schema/ directory. These types are accessible from the wrapper types via a X() method that returns the raw type.

For example, the library currently doesn't have an API for setting a document background color. However it's easy to do manually via editing the CT_Background element of the document.

dox := document.New()
doc.X().Background = wordprocessingml.NewCT_Background()
doc.X().Background.ColorAttr = &wordprocessingml.ST_HexColor{}
doc.X().Background.ColorAttr.ST_HexColorRGB = color.RGB(50, 50, 50).AsRGBString()

Contribution guidelines

CLA assistant

All contributors are must sign a contributor license agreement before their code will be reviewed and merged.


This library is offered under a dual license. It is freely available for use under the terms of AGPLv3. If you would like to use this library for a closed source project, please contact

There are no differences in functionality between the open source and commercial versions. You are encouraged to use the open source version to evaluate the library before purchasing a commercial license.

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