Claiming your package as a Maintainer

January 11, 2022

Welcome maintainer! We're so glad you're here and ready to get started on Openbase. Here’s how to claim your package and receive more visibility on our platform:

  1. Search for your package from the homepage
  2. Once you've found your package, go to that package page and click "Claim This Page"
  3. Authorize with GitHub
  4. That's it! You should be redirected to your admin panel after authorization!

Once that’s completed, follow the steps in your admin panel to add a rating badge and categorize your package so that it can be featured across various category pages. When you add a badge, it helps us deliver better results to users searching for packages while also spreading the word about Openbase.

You can also promote your package on Openbase by upgrading to a premium account! If you have any additional questions, contact and we’ll get back to you right away.