June 21, 2022

Openbase offers 500+ curated categories for your convenience, like Gallery, GraphQL, or RSS libraries.

The packages in each category are hand-picked by the Openbase team with contributions from the Openbase community.

To find a category, you can either:

1. Visit our Categories Page to browse all our categories.

2. Use the search bar in the toolbar (try searching for "tooltip" or "react tooltip").

Here are a few of examples of category pages:

On every category page, you can filter and sort the list of packages based on your needs:

  • Frameworks: optionally show only packages for React / Vue / Angular / React Native / Node / Vanilla JS / etc.
  • Filter by: filter packages by user ratings, GitHub stars, commits, bundle size, zero dependencies, TypeScript support, and more.
  • Sort by: allows you to sort the packages based on the following:
    - Recommended - sort by a combination of Star Count, downloads, and user ratings
    - Highest Rated - sort by the average user rating (0-5)
    - Most Used - sort by number of weekly downloads
    - Best Maintained - sort by commits last year

To suggest additional packages or metrics you want to see, use the buttons at the bottom of the Category page: