Get powerful open-source insights

Enrich your product, generate leads and dealflow, and get competitive intelligence

The ultimate open-source insights database

Openbase is the leading platform where developers research and choose open-source packages.As part of our mission, we’ve spent countless engineering years building and maintaining the ultimate open-source insights databaseNow you can have access to that data, too.

Use cases

  Product enrichment - enrich your developer product with insights about open-source packages

  Lead lists - find prospects based on the technologies and packages they use

  Dealflow - for funds and corp-dev to gain competitive advantage in the open-source space

  Competitive intelligence - insights into the developer technology space

Unparalleled breadth and depth of data

  1,000,000,000 data points
  3,300,000 packages across six ecosystems.packages they use
  100,000 user ratings and reviews
  16,000 packages categorized with curated alternatives

What kind of info we can provide you with

  Package info and unique statistics about popularity, maintenance, and quality
  Developer sentiment and reviews
  Package alternatives
  Package categories
  Macro market and trend insights

Supported Ecosystems

  npm - JavaScript packages
  PyPi - Python packages
  Maven - Java and Scala packages
  Go - Go packages
  CocoaPods - Swift and Objective-C packages
  Crates - Rust packages

Easy to use

We offer two options for accessing our insights database:
1. API - get immediate programmatic access to the insights through a performant GraphQL API endpoint, to deeply integrate it within your systems and product

2. Dashboard - use a friendly user interface so your team can browse open-source insights, search, filter, and export them.

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Openbase is the leading platform for developers to discover and choose open-source