February 14, 2021

Your all-in-one developer page!

The Openbase team has spent the past couple of years working with developers.
One thing we’ve noticed is that developers have so many different online profiles - from GitHub, GitLab and StackOverflow, through professional profiles on LinkedIn and AngelList, personal profiles on Twitter or Facebook, and platforms like Medium, Behance, and DEV.

What we didn’t find, though, is one dedicated place for developers to simply present themselves and showcase all their different profiles, skills, projects, and information.

That’s why we’ve decided to build - an all-in-one homepage for developers:
🏎️  Building your dev page takes less than 2 minutes (claim your username, then sign up with GitHub)
🔗  You can include links to your GitHub, GitLab, StackOverflow, LinkedIn, Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Discord, AngelList, Crunchbase, DEV, Medium, Behance and more
💪  You can add many skills as you’d like to showcase what you are good at
📄  You can include your biography and info with the power of Markdown!

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