February 14, 2021

Announcing Openbase's $3.6M seed round to help developers choose open-source

We have some exciting news to share today at Openbase - we've raised a $3.6M seed round, led by Zeev Ventures, with participation from Y Combinator and the founders of Netlify, Docker, Algolia, Yelp, and Twitch, as well as many other industry luminaries.

In recent years, open-source packages have become the building blocks of software, and with over 5 million packages available, it's becoming increasingly harder to make well-informed choices. Currently, over 50% of the code in modern apps is open-source, and choosing the wrong package can not only be costly but risky as well.

Since our inception in May 2019, Openbase has been working to build the ultimate platform to help developers and organizations choose the right package every time. We have created the first reviews platform for open-source packages and have quickly amassed tens of thousands of user reviews and ratings. We have categorized tens of thousands of packages. We've also introduced unique insights, such as average time between major and minor versions, time to resolve issues, and star-count growth over time.

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We were fortunate to have been accepted into Y Combinator's Summer 2020 batch alongside several other innovative entrepreneurs. Not only was it an incredible experience, but it forced us to place more focus on our product and users. It’s been thrilling to watch our rapid growth from zero to serving 500,000 developers every month.

And today, we're excited to share that we have raised a $3.6M seed round from some of the best investors in the world to help with our continued growth. The funding will allow us to go deeper on JavaScript, Python, Java, Go, and Rust - providing more insights and a better community to help developers choose packages. We will also use the funds to double our team's size - we are hiring Frontend, Backend, and Full-Stack Engineers, Developer Advocates, and a Content Manager (interested? drop us a note at

Openbase is built for developers, by developers. Down the line, we aim to help companies (such as API, SaaS, and infrastructure companies) promote their packages on the Openbase platform, and get the mindshare of more developers.

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I’d like to thank our amazing team - Gil Finkelstein, Dennis Berko, Jonathan Lucas, and Brenna Souza - you are the driving force behind Openbase.

Thank you to each and every one of the investors for believing in our mission and joining our journey:

  • Oren Zeev (Founding Partner, Zeev Ventures)
  • Adam Gross (Former CEO, Heroku)
  • Sebastien Pahl (Co-Founder, Docker)
  • Mathias Biilmann (CEO, Netlify)
  • Christian Bach (Co-Founder, Netlify)
  • Nicolas Dessaigne (Co-Founder, Algolia)
  • Jeremy Stoppelman (CEO, Yelp)
  • Kevin Lin (Co-Founder, Twitch)
  • Shlomit Harth (Former VP, Gartner)
  • Ganesh Srinivasan (Former VP Engineering, Uber)
  • Michael Stoppelman (Former SVP Engineering, Yelp)
  • Tomer Cohen (CPO, LinkedIn)
  • Ran Makavy (Former CPO, Lyft)
  • Amir Shevat (VP Developer Experience, Twitch)
  • Ido Yablonka (Former VP Product, Yahoo)
  • Jeff Meyerson (Founder, Software Daily)
  • Oudi Antebi (CEO, Redkix)
  • Oren Dobronsky (CEO, Hotbar and Infolinks)
  • Dan Barak (Co-Founder, Stackbit)
  • Alex Sirota (CTO, Loop Commerce)
  • Eyal Navon (Co-Founder, Hippo)
  • Ophir Ashkenazi (Co-Founder, PerimeterX)

And to our Y Combinator group partners:

  • Jared Friedman
  • Michael Seibel
  • Harj Tagger
  • Uri Lopatin

We have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline, and are looking forward to 2021.

Onwards and upwards!

- Lior