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Gokula Priya S joined Openbase!
12m ago
Gokula Priya S @Gokulapriya2421

An Ambitious Engineer to aquire skills and knowledge to excel professionally to make a successful career. Bestowed with strong leadership skills

Harur, Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu
Student at Kumaraguru college of technology
Swapnil Ahirwar joined Openbase!
17m ago
Swapnil Ahirwar @swapnilahirwar28

Software Technical Associate

HomeTriangle Online Services Pvt. Ltd.
Antonio José Masiá joined Openbase!
29m ago
Antonio José Masiá @ajmasia

Full Stack Web Developer #engineering #javascript #typescript #node #react #vue #express #electron #reactNative #python #django and #blogging

Lord Era joined Openbase!
40m ago
Lord Era @Charvine-300

Frontend Engineer | Certified Scrum Master | marvinezenwekwe@gmail.com

Lagos, Nigeria
sawrubgupta joined Openbase!
42m ago
sawrubgupta @sawrubgupta

My repos are private 😁

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